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Sexualised male characters


Discussion in ' Video Games ' started by PersephoneNov 7, Nov 7, Last edited by a moderator: Sexualised male characters want to get out of the way that I am a sex positive feminist, and when I criticise sexualized female character designs, it has nothing to do with prudishness or slut-shaming or anything like that; instead, it comes from a place of frustration, because Sexualised male characters the hell are we supposed to combat sexism in gaming when one of the biggest examples of that--that serves to both reinforce and reflect sexist viewpoints--is consistently let slide?

Because yes, if you have a game where all the dudes are covered from head to toe and your one female character is running around in a trash bag bikini and looking thoroughly uncomfortable about it, it's sexist.

It reinforces the already widespread, particularly in gaming "culture" idea that women are objects who exist solely Sexualised male characters male titillation and pleasure.

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It's not "puritanism", it's wanting to be treated like goddamn people. There's nothing wrong with a female character wearing a bikini if, for example, a game is set on a beach, and the male characters are in their swimming trunks.

Complaining about that would be prudishness, and a little ridiculous. But it often seems like developers are so desperate for boobs Sexualised male characters they're willing to break the audience's suspension of disbelief and hurt their own narrative in the process, and it's like, wow, do you really want to objectify women that badly? Can't you just leave us alone for five fucking minutes? Because Quiet breathing through her skin is not a compelling reason for a trash bag bikini, within the narrative or outside of it.

If you really, really want to stick with the skin-breathing, fuck, just dress her in a sports bra and running shorts. At least that would be practicaland not grossly out of character. Cindy is a mechanic in the fucking desert who walks around in hot pants and a bikini top, because she has grease-repelling skin that never burns, I guess.

Meanwhile, Noctis and co. It's like, Sexualised male characters, we get it, this game is for dudes and the women are there for eye candy. Can we stop now, please? We're just so fucking tired of this. And then we get steamrolled by dudes who barge in Sexualised male characters try to insist that this shit is actually empowering and we're just prudes, and, like, we get it, you don't want anyone to take your boobs away, stop pretending it's some righteous cause, thanks.

Since , the objectification of...

I've talked about objectified female characters in gaming before, and I have received some amazing responses: I'm jealous because I'm a fat ugly loser; I have no idea what I'm talking about and Quiet wearing a trash bag bikini is actually empowering and feminist; "ohmygod why are you trying to take away my BEWBS" Still, hopefully this time will go a little better.

Good for you, but coming in a thread about women's opinions to tell them you don't care is rude and inflammatory. Don't be that guy. The "problem" has been explained Sexualised male characters detail across the whole thread.

You might not want to read the whole thread, and that's fine -- but in that case, just don't reply. It's not that simple, for reasons explained in the thread, and Sexualised male characters also dismissive.

But criticism isn't censorship.

Male characters who are depicted...

This is a strawman argument. One can enjoy sex and nudity without enjoying seeing their gender being constantly objectified in media. But plenty of women have spoken in the thread.

And funnily enough, they are almost all of the same mind as the OP. The only people complaining about the title so far have been men. If you are interested to know what women several women, cis, trans and non-binary, of all orientations have to say, then by all means stay a while and listen, and ask your questions and participate.

Many of them have posted in this thread. If you're here to tell us we are wrong, overreacting, or to dismiss our opinions, then please don't bother. I'm a guy but I totally understand.

Like, I'd feel uncomfortable if I played a game where all "Sexualised male characters" the female characters were fully clothed and the few guy characters were all dressed in really bad outfits that only cover what they're not allowed to show.

When games make all of the female characters Sexualised male characters like that, it's disrespectful and it immediately shows what kind of people the devs are and who their target audience is. Plus, it's a game, it's not meant for what they want players to do when they see those characters.

For many publishers teenage boys "Sexualised male characters" main target and what sells games to them better than boobs.

Male Sexualization in Video Games

You mentioned Quiet - but was that Sexualised male characters falling short in creative execution? Was it Konami saying female nudity sells more copies? Or was it focus testers recommending a scantily clad female character? I guess what always confuses me is when characters become unnecessary sexualized in the production cycle.

I feel compelled to add that personally, I don't even find many of those stereotypically sexualized outfits to be tillitating in the first place. They just look awkward and cringe-inducing. I'm at the point now where whenever I see a really overtly sexualised female character, I just find it extremely awkward and Sexualised male characters. If you design your female characters basically just for titillation at least own up to it and don't come up with these stupid Sexualised male characters why they are the Sexualised male characters they are.

Ashamed of my words and deeds indeed One of my main complaints about the recent Fire Emblems, Fates especially. Take both Corrin for example, the male one is completely fine while female Corrin's armor has her showing her tights.

Same with both of her promotions. And there are others worse like Camilla, Sophie, Effie when she promotes to general It is of bad taste what they are doing, objectifying these female character so horny young males can take pleasure using them. Sadly, I doubt this will stop anytime soon. Hated that without mods I had half a cast of characters to play with in SFV.

The women just look so dumb. Nov 7, Last edited: Thank you for writing this OP, the way you present this thought completely exposes not only the absurdity of this practice in games, but also the embarrassing way a lot of people try to talk themselves or others into thinking that its all totally fine. I don't mind it, but it's really ridiculous. Yup, completely agree with you in those cases. Even as a guy it just brakes any immersion for me, I can't take a game seriously with that in it.

It seems it's mostly a problem with Japanese games. The problem is also present in Western games, of course. But to me, it seems much more "Sexualised male characters" in japanese ones.

Probably because they are closely tied to manga and animes designs schools. Most of the time, the second a game is shown having anime styled designs, you can bet there is ludicrously sexy outfits for the womens in it with some lolis sprinkled here and Sexualised male characters. And i doubt it would change anytime soon. Japanese people doesn't seem to give a single fuck about theses issues.

Different culture, different views. I think western games are evolving in the right direction in this case so that a good thing at least. They are straight up jacked, shredded, coming out of marvel comic books. I think this is more an issue with Japanese games. Well, they have a 'peculiar" taste, so to speak. As a guy, I totally agree with OP. I totally understand why females would not like to be seen as sexual objects in gaming.

And its a tricky situation for me who understand but does like the concept of boob windows and things like that. I guess for me the line is just whether or not the design itself is tasteful or if its not even trying.

Something like ivy from SF4 is just disgusting, its the same for Taki in that game. Beyond the designs though, i think what's more annoying for me, is the actual context and intent behind feminine portrayal inside individual games and what the actual creators themselves say about it. Its one thing for someone like Cindy to exist, even though i think her costume is out of place.

Its another thing for the guys to oogle her like drunken frat Sexualised male characters and the only response from tabata is that the females in FF15 are "strong capable females", when none of them are.

Yes they are. Male characters...

On top of the disgusting viewpoint that women being prominent and important to the story is somehow contradictory to objecting to Cindy walking around with her thong coming out of her short shorts. Love each other or die trying. While I understand the issues it can present, I like that people like Kojima can make Sexualised male characters games they want to make, and I can play them I hope that we see a positive change in the number of female developers having creative control which leads to plenty of options for female representation that is not objectified, and I believe we are definitely making progress 10 years ago you wouldn't have seen a AAA game headed up by a character like Ellie I also hope we still get characters like Cindy or Quiet.

Sometimes you just want that kind "Sexualised male characters" entertainment. He can design the way he wants. In real life women often all over the world also dress differently than men.

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