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How to deal with indian parents and hookup

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If you are Indian and live with your parents, says Divya Nair, there is no way in hell you can avoid their interference in the tiniest aspects of your life. The reasons, as one can understand, are aplenty -- emotional bonding, parampara traditionhigh cost of renting an independent place etc. What's better than a life where the smallest details are looked after by Mummy Dearest, Papaji or your devoted siblings? For most of us, who live in small city homes, these are the little sacrifices we make for the unconditional love of our beloved parents.

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If you grow up in a typical Indian household you are constantly compared to your topper classmate. From exam marks to your current annual package, parents tend to unknowingly make you feel inferior about your talent and capabilities.

If you dare you tell them you were the star performer of the year at work, they will provide you with enough reasons to further hate your best How to deal with indian parents and hookup at Google. Three minutes later, you get a follow up call. You are in an important midday meeting and you take your parent's call, thinking it must be something urgent. Ask any single Indian in their 20s and they'll tell you how much they blame the Supreme Court for fixing the minimum marriageable age at The degree of concern, from your parents, to get you hooked to someone appropriate, is directly proportional to your age.

But you get a phone call from your mother and she asks you the penultimate question of the day: Beta, dinner mein kya khaoge?

If this person happens to call you at a certain time every day, your parents may happily even answer the How to deal with indian parents and hookup in your micro-second absence, before putting you on. God forbid, if it is someone from the opposite sex. You'll see a different side to your parents that day. It doesn't matter if you have no memory meeting this distant aunt's brother's wife's second cousin, who loved squeezing your cheeks blue when you were 2.

As your sentimental parent's obedient child, you are expected to be at this close relative's life-changing event. And obedient, loving kids, in India, tag along with their parents to random weddings and family reunions. For a certain part of India, festivals means calling up relatives and exchanging season's greetings.

If you are living with your parents, there is no way you can escape that one phone call from a distant relative who wants to hear your dulcet voice.

If you tell them you'll call them later, your mom will first make a sad basset hound puppy face, then widen her eyes in an attempt to threaten. The first time you receive a packet from an e-commerce company, your parents will receive it with reluctance and dissect its contents.

Repeat that multiple times a month and be prepared to face this unnecessary situation: Kuch future ke liye save kiya hai ya sirf kapde, joote aur mobile hi khareedte rahoge?

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