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Im getting laid tonight


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Mobile users can read the full rules here. Looks like I'm not getting laid tonight. You're so right, I'll make sure to send girls only messages of affection tips fedora. I hate being that guy, Im getting laid tonight I'm pretty sure your comment is wrong. It's supposed to be, "Know your knot! Do you have no sense of humor with your girlfriend then? You guys just sit stoic and just stare forward holding hands?

I do this to girls all the time. They don't care if you play nerdy ass video games. They don't care about a lot of things. The girls I'm into enjoy being treated well. They enjoy attention, they enjoy humor, they enjoy seeing a man with confidence and lots of other crap.

So don't let anybody bad talk you. Any girl who judges you for playing rs or any other things can get to walking haha. I thought it was hilarious. I find these kind of exchanges funny because I just imagine they're the American versions of the "I'll fite you m8". Text messaging is not a reason to write poor English; it is just fostering a culture of laziness and illiteracy. No, he's probably just from the US It's not like hes saying "u" and "ur".

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