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Lori saldana filner sexual harassment


The former assemblywoman also comes with a history of being in the middle of political infighting and feuds as she seeks her third public office in six years.

But its nod to county...

A new labor coalition recently endorsed nearly 20 candidates for local office. The Working Families Council itself was born out of dispute. He was the target of three lawsuits. Eventually, the national organization temporarily took over the council. SEIU, which is also the biggest union representing county employees, was an early endorser of Nathan Fletchera former assemblyman who also is running for supervisor.

He did this with the assistance of his wife, former labor leader and current Assemblywoman Lori saldana filner sexual harassment Gonzalez Fletcher. Kasparian in the past has opposed Fletcher, a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat.

Lori Saldaña was watching Allred's...

Many now have, believing Fletcher has paid his dues; he even served as a national convention delegate for Hillary Clinton. Tension between Kasparian and some Democrats flared earlier this year when some officeholders and candidates said he should step down from the Democratic Party central committee.

Fletcher and Gonzalez Fletcher were among them.

The Labor Council, then guided by Gonzalez who was not married to Fletcher at the timealso backed Peters. She has talked a lot recently about when she privately told party leaders early in the campaign that several women had complained about harassment by the Democratic mayoral candidate, then-Rep.

She wanted them to look into it.

LORI SALDAÑA. As voters watch...

Jess Durfee, party chairman at the time, went to Filner, who told him nobody had ever filed a complaint against him. Further, he said the allegations were of conduct unbecoming a congressman, but only one constituted sexual harassment in his view. All that was private at the time.

Publicly, she endorsed Filner.

Did Candidate A endorse Filner...

After he was elected, women started coming forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. Filner left office and pleaded guilty to charges related to harassing women in Octoberless than a year after he was elected.

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