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This page is run by a community of fat babes that help keep everything running smooth! Our mods are all passionate about keeping the FatGirlFlowFam page inclusive and as a page that celebrates diversity! We want everyone to feel welcome in the FatGirlFlowFam!! Danielle Perez Plus size community a comedian with thigh gap comedy, she has a blog called thedanielleperez. Danielle is, as always, totally killing it in her Fat Bitch tee!

Just wrapped on tycashow!

A post shared by Danielle Perez divadelux on Jan 11, at 1: Smiling because I felt real cute that day.

Being authentically me feels so good.

Reddit has thousands of vibrant...

What makes you feel like your most authentic self? Sweatshirt from fatgirlflow comfyfat thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike fatbabe psblogger. A post shared by J Aprileo comfyfattravels on Mar 6, at Hannah is looking great in this Fat Bitch shirtand we love the sunglasses too! The perfect fatgirlflowfam look! Home again, home again. A post shared by Danielle Bex danielle. Maggie McGill is a plus Plus size community blogger at MagsMcgill.

A post shared by Maggie McGill maggiemcgills on Nov 27, at And she looks amazing in her Fat Bitch shirt! A post shared by April K. Jess Dudfield is a graphic designer and you can find their portfolio here.

Love this snowy Plus size community Katlyn is giving us!

We here at Fat Girl...

I was 11 years old. Because of how I was raised on radical left-wing politicsI started developing an Plus size community rhetoric while quite young, around the age of 12 or I spent my teen years being labeled by many as too aggressive, too loud, too political, a fat bitch.

There was an oasis in my high school years of friends who felt similarly to me "Plus size community" the issues I cared about. I even had a couple teachers that guided me towards literary and cinematic works that focused on feminism, racism, and anarchism. They quietly told me not to tell anyone about what they were sharing with me out of fear of being reprimanded or loosing their jobs.

I feel like I got positive feedback from the right people, is the point, so I was confident that I could be a bitch when it was called for: Being called a loud bitch was better than saying nothing.

If it wasn't for the friends, family, and mentors that supported me, I might never have been the bitch I had to be. The majority of my adult experiences in being called a "bitch" has been directly tied to the word "fat" and it has mostly come from men. Occasionally by "Plus size community" strangers; a few times it's been shouted at me in the street. Once when I was on a crowded bus a man shouted and laughed that I was a "fat bitch" over and over for everyone on the bus to hear, and told me, "you love when I talk to you like this don't you?

The bus driver, who was a fat dude, yelled at this shitty guy and threw him off, thankfully. I could have really used another bitch to come to my aid in that situation. A Plus size community shared by Katlyn Nemo katlyn. When in doubt, wear your fat babe shirt. A post shared by Kaytee Joy yourfavefatbabe on Jan 19, at 4: Megan looks amazing in the Fat Brat shirt.

This shirt is sold out, but be on the look out for a new Fat Brat design in the Fat Girl Flow store very soon! Plus size community post shared by Chelsea Sieck chelseainthedesert on Jan 6, at 7: A post shared by ziggy filth deadsetmoll on Feb 10, at 4: A post shared by AM Kurkipotku siksi on Sep 20, at 7: Heather is quite the fashionista and we love it!!

You may read my shirt and wonder why I'm showing profanity on my instagram. However, this shirt is so much more than that. It's about taking the words others use to oppress you and wearing them as a badge of honor.

We made it our mission...

I've been on a body positivity journey this year and have slowly learned that accepting and loving yourself for where you are in life is absolutely freeing. Thank you fatgirlflow for making this awesome t-shirt! Finally got my hands on a fatbitch shirt from fatgirlflow. A post shared by songfromabox songfromabox Plus size community Oct 20, at 8: We here at FatGirlFlow are a family!

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