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Trn currency

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Guest views are now limited to 12 pages. If you get an "Error" message, just sign in! If you need to create an account, click here. I don't know about all of you, but I'm betting that most of you are pretty sick of the Trn currency guru "spew" that they try to pass off as fact. After doing a little digging, I Trn currency to write this little piece on the so-called TRN's in hopes of dispelling some of their more blatant lies. This is not a copy paste job from some other source, so I can take any negs some may feel the need to toss.

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However, I've tried to be as objective as I could in the hopes of dispelling some more of the "guru" trash while we attempt to clear a path to understanding when an RV could occur. What is a TRN? Bureau of Engraving, here is what they say about it: Trn currency types of notes were redeemable in gold untilwhen the United States abandoned the gold standard.

Since then, both currencies have served essentially the same purpose, and have had the same value. Because United States Notes serve no function that is not already adequately served by Federal Reserve Notes, their issuance was discontinued, and none have been placed into circulation since January 21, Trn currency Payment would be made in the form of a Treasury check. In order to reestablish our true United States currency, which we COULD do we would need an act of Congress, so you Trn currency how that will play out in the near future.

The "gurus" must think we're really farking Trn currency. Great perspective on this The Fed Reserve Notes we are forced to use now are nothing more than incurred "Trn currency" and as long as they can keep us in debt they have the power so they think. They know this and they have made preperations for themselves the mega rich when that time comes They are almost the same as T-biils. You get the benefit of investing in the short term rate which at this time should increase gradually but don't have the hassle of rebidding for new notes every 90 days.

Thanks for the post - I have done research "Trn currency" and never found anything about the TRN's either. There is no global Trn currency reset, there is no elite that have cashed out, there is no republic that is taking over the white house next week, there are no flags for the republic that will be raised next week, there are no arrest warrants for all the senators, there are no prosperity packages, there is no dragon lady unless it's your mother-in-law.

The world may be waiting on Iraq but I don't know why. The only countries that will benefit from an Iraq RV would be countries that were involved in the war.

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I am sure they "Trn currency" receive compensation for their efforts whether it be oil or having the Dinar as a currency reserve. They should be compensated it has cost all countries dearly. Other than that this RV belongs to Iraq and Iraq only. It will happen on their schedule not when the so called TRN's are distributed throughout the world.

According to the “guru's”, the...

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Posted August 9, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 9, edited. Oh yeah, and who really believes a guru anyway lol? Edited August 9, by Djorgie. Posted August 10, Trn currency August 11, This topic is now closed to further replies.

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