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The shookups rockabilly


Review Rockabilly Rave 20 - Here we are again readers, in Camber Sands, for the Rockabilly Rave. Something many of us might recall, if we had memories that good, of when we were twenty, all the boundless energy we had, able to dance all night and all that.

Women led the way with pretty pink bags while the guys heaved hernia inducing cases of beer in their wake. Thursday, the entertainment starts in the evening, in the main ballroom The shookups rockabilly. Anyhoo, he brought his eighties styled brand of Neo-Rockabilly to the stage, dazzling in his gold jacket and maverick tie. The Delta Bombers have visited these shores a number of times, to huge acclaim, and the buzz among people I spoke to, was that they had booked the Thursday night, just to see them.

So was the volume of the music, which trust me takes no prisoners. Feeling the floor bouncing up and down for the entire set, and the crowd participation, suggested to me that most felt this was the band to see. Jake makes it shake. So where to now then? Setting up, you had a bespectacled, well dressed and one might suggest, reserved man, ensuring his sound was right, guitars tuned, and everyone happy with their task ahead.

Down at the front getting pics, is a war zone, as bottles and glasses were displaced, littering the The shookups rockabilly with smashed glass. So is it all showboating and nit-wittery? The band can play, and Jake can "The shookups rockabilly," in fact his vocal range is quite something. Among the flying glass and flying humanity on stage, is an accomplished performer, that rocks to his soul.

Here in the corner, the bands are as up close and personal as you can get. A cracking debut, well worth sticking out the incredible heat to see. Lead singer and lead guitarist K. This band are never going to be your thrash around, jump on basses affair, no, their style is controlled, but accomplished.

Top Rockabilly on the main stage. Hairs stand up on the back of neck "The shookups rockabilly" to mind. The Mexican wrestler masked four piece The shookups rockabilly Straitjackets were up The shookups rockabilly, featuring the incredible guitar work of Eddie Angel. Most of it was instrumental, and had a sixties sensation to it. Very tight sounding set, that hit a chord with the crowd. Oft heralded as the pioneers of Neo Rockabilly, they have been playing this kind of stuff for over thirty years.

His brother Paul, slaps a mean bass and this evening, it was Rob Tyler on the skins. A pretty frantic end to the first full day. Out of the back of this vehicle came a magnificent hawk, ready to see of those mega decibel squarkers. While a tape of distressed gulls playing from the van, a hawk flying around, the remaining gulls went into a frenzy, making even more bloody row.

Alex & The Diamond Hands....

I only found a roll of parcel tape in one box. Guess what filled it? I lost count of how many nations were represented by attendees at the Rave, not a chair thrown or a can of tear gas deployed at the Rave. Award for the most guest appearances over the weekend, must go to Big Sandy…. Hardest working band at the Rave? The Round "The shookups rockabilly" Boys….

Sats test and results. This is your classic line up featuring an enthusiastic AJ Andre Joaquim on rhythm guitar and vocals, with upright bass, lead guitar and drums providing the backing.

The Round Up Boys were on next, doing a show of their own. The component parts of The shookups rockabilly four piece form a couple of others, so they are familiar faces already, and had provided back up for a number of artists over the weekend.

The format was that five judges would "The shookups rockabilly" both bands, and pick their winner based on a variety of different criteria. Relax Trio were up first, with bassist and vocalist, Linda Teranen taking the lead, ably backed by Oskari Nieminmen on lead guitar and drummer Vilho Voutilainen.

They played all their own compositions, with a massively enthusiastic youthful joi-de-vivre that quickly spread among the crowd.

I liked this a lot, and already had an idea where the result was going to go. The Runawayz had their own entourage, and a four deep row of very vocal supporters. Another belting set, rowdily cheered along by the assembled. Here are two ladies, Mary Ann in white and gold, Ruby The shookups rockabilly in black and gold, with strong voices, a considerable repertoire between them, "The shookups rockabilly" they swapped individually as well as singing duets.

This is the Knight. The towering presence of Deke Dickerson, with his band, the Ecco-Fonics followed, with a very special guest performance, which will be revealed in a mo. Deke had Crazy Joe on stage playing electric bass, although swapped lead guitar with Deke from time to time. He bounded out from the back with a smile as wide as the stage itself, looking cool and sharp in his sparkly shoes. Well where would you after that on a Saturday night.

This line up of Big Sandy on vocals and rhythm guitar, Kevin Stewart on upright bass, Ricky McCann on drums and a fine British export in Ashley Kingman on lead guitar, ranks among the best.

In fact the whole show pretty much was, from one The shookups rockabilly the most charismatic performers in Rockabilly. To end the night, Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers, from Sweden. They really know their stuff and held court over a large crowd as Sunday began.

They ranged in age an experience, as well as diversity of nationality and style. Those were the ones we saw and heard. Of course there were others, but all I suggest had their own monika to stamp on the proceedings, to keep that floor moving.

Alex & The Diamond Hands....

As much as we all tried to put the brakes on, it was Sunday already. The last day and night of the weekender, but a shedload of goodies to look forward The shookups rockabilly. Here is a performer with youth on his side, a deft song writing talent and a great voice.

The combined guitar talents of Eddie Angel, Deke Dickerson and Ashley Kingman swapped around the stage with some exceptional fretwork. There was a collective social media raised eyebrow among some people when the Jets were announced as playing at the Rave in their own right. The 5pm slot on Sunday may not have seemed the most fashionable, but with half an hour still to go before the show, "The shookups rockabilly" hall was almost full.

By the time Bob, Ray and Tony came on, it was rammed.

The brief was for an eighties Rockabilly show, or what we were all listening to at the time. This is The shookups rockabilly most packed either of us have ever seen that downstairs room.

Some clearly so many had come along to register their disgust, The shookups rockabilly for the whole set just to see how disgusted they could be, and even called for "The shookups rockabilly," for additional disgust reinforcement.

A standout among standouts for the 20th anniversary finale. Flame haired Anaheim CA native Amber Foxx drew a good crowd in the main ballroom as the first act on at 7pm. Not that long ago, the Truly Lover Trio played venues in the UK and the raven haired, charismatic front man, Marcel Riesco, captured the imagination with his uncanny vocal similarity to Roy Orbison.

Through the various incarnations of TLT and the Shookups, one thing remained consistent, the quality of the show. The big hollow bodied black onyx guitar has been replaced by something a little more manageable he told mewhich seamlessly fitted in with the backing band, in this case, the seemingly omnipresent Round Up Boys.

He had the audience from the get-go, joking around with those at the front, and playing a super show. Always his ace up the sleeve. Well did this bunch draw a crowd or what?