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Black women who want to fuck white men


The great American Tennis Player, Serena Williams recently released a statement and confirmed that she had a baby by Alexis Ohanian, American Internet entrepreneur and investor, who is co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. He also so happens to be a Caucasian male. With Serena Williams being the adoration of Black America and in particular black males, she pissed off a good amount of her black fan base with her choice of a lover.

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Many black men who lusted after her on television and computer screens for years — decades even — were disappointed, blindsided and some were even angry.

After all, Black America has been following and supporting the beautiful 23 time Grand Slam champion around since childhood, along with her sister Venus. We supported elevated and lauded her with vigor, pride and enthusiasm.

We, Black Male America, felt like we owned a piece of Serena after rooting for her to win all those tennis matches. Black men even myself would tune in regularly to watch her sexy, short tennis skirts, her glistening sweaty chocolate skin and Black women who want to fuck white men course: As long as that skirt went up a serve or two …….

Then inshe started seriously dating what happened to be a white Guy. And all hell broke loose on social media, barber shops and in urban areas everywhere. She went from a Queen to a sellout. From a representative of the race to race traitor. From a boss to a bitch. From lusted for to loathed.

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From vixen to villain. All this vitriol in ONE day. By mostly Black men. First and foremost, congratulations to Serena and her and her family. Children are a beautiful thing to have and raise and any one who hates that because of the racial aspect of the child is scum.

However there is a myth, amongst lots of Black women who want to fuck white men black women recently, that seem to think that finding and dating a caucasian man is the cure for their difficulty when dealing with black men in relationships.

Im here to present a reality that contradicts that fantasy. According to a very detailed story on EOnlineRobin Thicke and Paula Patton met each other as high school sweethearts.

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To top it off he lost custody of his son due to this. Kanye said black men do that. According to the Daily MailGabriel filed for spousal support and full custody of their daughter in and won getting 16k a month. She even brought in scientific evidence to prove that he was straightening and dying her hair. Sounds like legal pimping to me and very strategic planning. Not to mention the self hate he was instilling on their daughter. First of all Rest in peace to Miss Branch.

Titi was ready to kick Spadafora to the curb last year when she found out he sexually propositioned her trainer, but he knew how to keep her in line, Miko alleges in court papers.

Within days of her death, he peppered her grieving parents with emails claiming "Black women who want to fuck white men" had a new will drafted by Titi giving him 50 percent of everything, according to the suit.

When they did, the computer he returned had its drive scrubbed clean, the Branch family claims. I firmly believe that people should find love where it best serves them and if it happens to be a person of another then race so be it. I wish Serena Williams and her new family success and i hope it works out for her and her husband.

Its character, morals and actions that define someone not necessarily your skin tone. Have i myself always been great to black women? I can only hope my apologies and growth have made me better. I understand why many black women want to date outside their race, even though they may truly love, adore and genuinely desire to be mated with their black men.

None of your excuses. How hard is it to actually date and plan a date for a Nubian queen? And if she is the breadwinner currently, at least strive to meet and exceed her by developing and honing skills?

How hard is it to constantly complement your woman and make her feel special? How hard is it Black women who want to fuck white men let her be free in her respectful sexual expression and provide safe spaces for her to express her sexuality?

How hard is to elevate your woman and make her feel like a Queen by complimenting her consistently? You know who IS doing this for black women? A lot of while male PDA on black women. Mostly the ones with the most melanin also. The funny thing is they are tapping into what black men should be and getting better because of it. I could get real esoteric and talk about how black pussy is a stargate and if you stroke that vagina with visions of your hopes dreams and desires they will manifest in tangible reality eventually.

I could say that sex is the highest form of creation and the black woman and child is worshipped as the black madonna and child in the Vatican which is really hiding Auset and Heru in kemetic lore and that the popes take this energy of the black madonna to subjugate the populace……but i digress. I literally went from making Screenshot or take a pic of your donation and e-mail me at Robwatson7 gmail. Black men have to start trying to conquer the world again like the Moors and Hannibal of Carthage once did.

Black men and women have been placed in unnatural conditions in a foreign land with no tools to reflect and nurture their inner greatness.

From the media to the school textbook, he has been conditioned to be a thug who is a cancer in his own community or a black male in white face living to serve his former slave master. To survive as a thug amongst thugs, one must put on a mask of perpetual toughness as to not show his feelings to the world. Feelings are a weakness in the urban jungle.

This leads to an inner castration of the divine within and replaces it with a soulless empty shell: Often time this shell becomes filled with drugs and alcohol and other nefarious coping mechanisms. Some women even create and mold their sons from youth in this way to make sure they can survive in toxic urban and impoverished environments…. You need emotions to grow. You need to feel and face your pains to rise above them. He is trying to get his soul back through sex.

He is trying to fuck his way back to the divinity within. We want to dominate our women through sexual conquest but not conquer the world. We are conditioned to be the black bucks having multiple baby mothers Black women who want to fuck white men we are creating illegitimate un-attended progeny that is destined to work to build up the white world through incarceration and slave wage labor. We are unapologetically comfortable collectively doing less and expecting more.

We take pride in this shit.

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This has to end. We gotta grow up and glow up. We need our black women. One of the reason i love James St.

And regardless of his infidelity, he demonstrates his love for the women in his life. Art can imitate life. Also stop bitching and complaining about the white man.

Steal your culture, art, science and spirituality back from the white man. He stole it from you and built a world of success from it. The black woman must be elevated.

We have to put her back on her pedestal as the god she is. Once we do the black community worldwide will begin to transform. Our ancient matrilineal empires like Babylon IshtarKemet AusetSumerian Innana and all its pomp, spiritual and military power and regalia prove this. Even now, if you do a deep dive into our current pop culture you can see women taking back their power from music to politics to sex. Ask a white woman how great her marriage is.

Then listen and see if the relationship problems are similar if not worse. Lets heal each other by healing ourselves first. Peace, Power and Prosperity. Black men were down for the Queens, are down and have always been down! Search the Ebony files, September if you can find it, they took it off their website, notice ALL other issues are Black women who want to fuck white men. Been saying it for going on two generations now!

With all that has been thrown at us, it is amazing we are in the position we are! Why the need to feel this way? As John Singleton said, crack was as destructive as the lynching era, the destruction of Black Wall Street and any other damning event that happened to our community ever since that European brought his diseased ass to these shores! You need some schooling young buck!

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Just a few generations ago we were known for love songs. So you are a conscious brother? So if the black woman is God to you, than thats your propagative, but what does that make you? Seriously, is that the reason why you and the rest of your cronies does not hold her accountable for half naked picture and the thoting culture?

Media and feminism has polluted most black women minds. Oh, and rest assured that literally no person of color ever wants you to get back from. Also, saying “I've never fucked a Black/Asian/Native etc.

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