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Difficult to please sexually


Teaching women how to use The Positive Power of the P to create deep intimacy that will last a lifetime. The female body is a work of art and if you appreciate art, then you are sure to treat it with much care.

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This is the attitude we suggest you take when pleasing a woman. If she is hard to please in bed, then it may be time to identify what is making it difficult to please her. Controlling your desire to conquer her will take a lot of control but the reward will be more than worth it. Here are a few simple tips to help you navigate through the beautiful maze of the female body and bring her to euphoric pleasure. We are romantic at heart. That is why porn, for the "Difficult to please sexually" part is not appealing to us.

Not all of us want our hair pulled or to be spanked.

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Understand that she is not like a machine you turn on and it is ready for you to jump into the seat and drive. Once her mind is tuned to sex, it will react and in turn welcome you. Think of it this way.

Would you try to feed your member into a tube made of sand paper? OK, then allow her time to lubricate before you attempt to dive right in.

It's difficult to please a...

Just because we give birth does not mean our delicate area likes the feel of beard stubble or jagged fingernails. Be gentle and considerate with our lady parts.

We appreciate, clean nails, sweet breath and nice smelling balls around our faces and inserted inside of us.

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Kiss, lick, stroke us slowly and softly around our vulva, clitoris and vaginal opening until we ask to increase the pressure. Think of a massage. First the masseuse starts with a light rubbing to warm up the oil and you, then they read your body and apply pressure where they need it or that your body responds.

If your lover is not sure of what pleases her, then help her to self cultivate masturbate or explore her own body for pleasure points so that you have an idea of what direction to take to bring her to ecstasy. If she is unwilling to tell you, then gently ask as you touch or make love to her. Not only will you find her happy place, but you will be loved and appreciated for display of concern for your happiness. The clitoris is not the only part of our bodies that bring us pleasure. Erogenous zones are located all over the body; the neck, behind the knee, the small of the back, our breast, mouths for example are sensitive to pleasure.

And yes, there is a Difficult to please sexually.

Learn how to please the...

It is located approximately two inches inside the vagina against the pubic Difficult to please sexually. The penis has better contact with it in positions where the curve of the penis points towards the pelvic wall. Because a penis can curve in any direction, by placing her in a position against your curve, you have a greater chance of hitting her G-spot and giving her a whole body orgasm.

Giving and receiving oral pleasure has always been a hot topic with couples. Some love it and some only do it because the partner wants them to. Find out what is the Difficult to please sexually off for her. Was it something from her past or is it just not done in a way that helps her enjoy it? Are you applying too much teeth?

Does she have health concerns? Or is it a cultural or religious guilt thing? Be proactive resolve her concerns. Maybe learn the art of fellatio and try techniques that increase your chances of bringing them to pleasure.

These are only a few ideas to help you see Difficult to please sexually a hard to please woman is really asking you to help her find pleasure. Dedicate time to pleasing her and she will happily return the favor.