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Earthlink email setup


Internet Message Access Protocol, IMAP for short, is a different way of checking your email that allows you to sync the same messages and folders across several devices at the same time. POP3 is the type of email service that EarthLink has offered since it's foundation. When you check your email with an email client such as Outlook, all of your email is pulled off of the server and stored on your local machine unless you specifically Earthlink email setup it to leave a copy on the server.

If you create any folders on in Web Mail or in your Email Client, they are not replicated on the server and are not passed on to other Email clients. Use of StartTLS is optional. If you are checking your email across multiple devices, you could benefit from using IMAP.

By using IMAP settings, you remove the risk of accidently downloading all of your email to a single device. This means you will not have to go to Web Mail to review your spam flagged emails. You can move them from your Earthlink email setup folders directly to your Inbox if you like. Moving spam from the Known or Suspect Spam folders in an email client or mobile device using IMAP, will not give you the options to add the sender to your address Earthlink email setup or to mark that message as not being spam.

You will need to use Earthlink email setup Mail directly to access those functions. The only risk of using IMAP is the need to keep an eye on your email storage to make sure you don't go over your storage limit, because you are leaving all of your mail on the server. You can quickly check how much mail you have on the server by logging into Web Mail.

Set up Android Earthlink

If you would like to increase your Email storage space, we offer More Email Space. Indexing is the process used to make your various folders and emails on the server searchable by your email program, even if it has not previously downloaded those messages.

This file is created when you check your email using IMAP for the very first time. As the Index file will need some time to build how long Earthlink email setup on the number of messages and folders you have on the serveryou may notice that you do not see your various folders immediately or that searches are only searching local content.

Please allow up to 5 minutes it may be Earthlink email setup faster than that to pass and check your mail again and you should see your folders show up.

EarthLink Email Server most...

Once the Index file is created, it will be constantly updated, so you will not experience this delay again. The EarthLink settings will work for MindSpring domain names as well. In order to fully take advantage of IMAP, you need to make sure you are not checking your email with the same or another device using POP settings.

Make sure you make a backup of any email you have on your computer that you downloaded using POP before you remove your POP settings. It is important to note that using encryption with IMAP Earthlink email setup protects the data you are downloading from the EarthLink server.

To secure your outbound email you Earthlink email setup need to enable TLS or StartTls depending on your email client. Here are a few examples of known issues and client behaviors that you might run into using IMAP. If you want to use TLS security on your incoming connections optionalchange the "Use the following type of encrypted connection" option to TLS under Incoming. Leave the Outgoing option on None. Thunderbird is easy to setup for IMAP as it will default to attempting to Earthlink email setup IMAP on the first try, though you will need to tweak some settings manually if you want to turn on encryption when downloading email.

Select the Add Mail Account option. This means you will see a big red warning screen if you continue. Sign In and help us improve your support experience. Who should use IMAP? What is the risk of using IMAP? What are the IMAP settings? What kind of security does IMAP offer? Some email programs will try to guess the settings before they allow you to manually enter them. If the program does not use the right settings, you may receive an initial error when it attempts to confirm "Earthlink email setup" email settings.

You will have to manually configure these programs after the initial attempt by the software fails. Some Email clients may display their own custom folders that are not replicated in Web Mail. Thunderbird has a Quarantine folder that will not show up in Web Mail.

This is done to prevent accidently moving a virus infected email to your Inbox where it could be opened. Emails cannot be moved from the Inbox to Spam folders. The Suspect and Known Spam folders allow you to see what is in them, but you Earthlink email setup move new messages to those folders.

However, you can move messages Earthlink email setup the Suspect and Known Spam folders to your Inbox if you wish.

You cannot use a Earthlink email setup as a part of a new folder name. If you do, it will create two separate folders on the server rather than one. This is blocked by most email programs. Some Email programs treat deleted folders differently. You can change this in the devices advanced settings if it is an issue.

In Outlook, click on File. Click on Account Settings. Under the Email tab, click the New button. Select E-Mail Account and click Next. Select the" Manual Setup or additional server types " radial button and click Next. Fill out the information on the left side using your email address and server settings.

Check the Remember Password option if you want Outlook to remember your password.

Click the More Settings button on the bottom right. Click Earthlink email setup Advanced tab and change the " Outgoing Port " number to Click Next and Outlook will test your settings. Click Close when the test is complete. Click Finish to close the window and then click Close to close out the Email Accounts window. If you just installed Thunderbird, click the Email option under Create a new account. On the Mail Account Setup page, enter in your name, email and password information.

Check the Remember Password box if you want Thunderbird to remember your password. Click DONE to continue.

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