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Let face it i not into dating


The beginning of relationships is usually a little interesting as you each dance through the investigatory process in your own way.

Some dive in immediately and ask deep questions e. ENFPs or a myriad of other approaches.

F*ck Closure: How To Cope...

Usually these break apart before they turn into relationships, but there are those times where it goes further. Regardless of the reason, it happens. So what were some of them?

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In other words, they show no sign of commitment or investment in the relationship. As soon as you need them, really need them, they are either unexpectedly busy or started a fight to deflect their lack of desire to be there for you.

Guys are lousy at hiding this sort of thing, if they are into you, you know it. You see it in how they look at you, how they talk to you, how they touch you, how they treat you.

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