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Here we go, you ready for it?! We are now officially less than a month and a half away from the trade deadline, and you know what that means All that bullshit we've been talking about for the past few months finally comes to a head, and we are that much closer to the postseason.

What else does it mean? Well it means the swill gets to stirring as all the "Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction" of trade speculation get into a rolling boil.

Yes, strike up the Lecavalier trade rumors as if they ever ceaseplot out what gaping holes in your team's lineup need to be addressed, and scan those impending free agent lists for potential trading pieces, mercenaries, or your new BFF. Luckily, we here at the Grip have worked tirelessly to prepare those FA lists by position for just such an occasion. We'll use those and all the other sinkers and floaters of trade potentials that we'll hear in the next few weeks to analyze their merit, and whether its worth pulling the trigger.

As we get closer to the official cutoff date of March 3rd as the Trade Deadline, we'll take a look at the weak spots in, well, not all the teams, but Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction with even a speck of hope of extending their work schedule. What makes this year more interesting, and the playoffs in a 'hurry-up-and-get-here-already' mode is the absence of the tedious All-Star break and the incorporation of the Olympics, which won't be handing out gold medals until the final day of February.

Since the rumor mill kicked into overdrive today, or so it seems, lets take a look at those. Detroit is starting to roll, they're hot, Kings are lukewarm. They need to pick it up if they want to make the post, I have no doubt Detroit will get in. Please, please, please bring more.

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The Preds On The Forcheck are being good sports about it, for the original see this. Posted by Nuuuuugs at 3: Links to this post Email This BlogThis!

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Truth be told, there was a lot of great hockey on last night. There was the anticipated matchup of the "Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction" and Pens that didn't disappoint, the Flames looked to rebound against the Hawks but didn'tand the Flyers and Rangers heated it up in a big game against division rivals.

Being on the West Coast I was forced to only listening to this one on the ride home Which was a real joy by the way.

pound Calgary heavyweight Raitis Ivanans...

Kind of a 'who do you hate less? But the one that caught some people's attention was this one with convicted felon Daniel Carcillo and Rangers offense Marian Gaborik Other than Joe Micheletti proving that he's an idiot, this strikes me as the same situation between Ovechkin and Steve Downieyet no one stepped in to bail Gabby's ass out. Now neither Gaborik or Ovechkin asked for it, but you've got to step in and protect your goal scorers which is what Bradley did in Ovechkin's case.

I think we can all agree that Gaborik is probably a lot more frail than OV when it comes down to it, Alex is one big muscle. Which is probably even more reason why someone on the Rangers should have stepped in, but who?

Brashear was out of the lineup, but Voros was nowhere to be seen, at least not in terms of getting in Carcillo's face Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction payback. No, who was Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction only Ranger who acted pissed off and wanted to get some revenge on Carcillo? Why that was standup guy Sean Avery, who else?

I'm not a Avery fan by any means but for once this ass clown did the right thing, and gave Carcillo a run for his money. I almost see this as a changing of the guards here, in reigning biggest asshole around the League. Avery used to take that title hands down, but now Daniel Carcillo is stealing the show in Philly with antics like his fists raised on the way to the box a la Tie Domi, King Piece of Shit. We need an award for Best Asshole of the League, any ideas for a name?

Posted by Nuuuuugs at 2: Thursday, January 21, Trade Deadline: This whole post may as well be a Sky is Falling type post. Of course the only teams that usually get mentioned are the one's with lost seasons and available rentals, or one's that need to plug the holes in the hull on the way to the post. Gillis Crushing on Backes. Calgary Looks to Aging Veterans. Wednesday, January 20, Tighten Your Belts. Can you Raitis ivanans wife sexual dysfunction me the three teams with the lowest payroll?

Take a guess its not that hard, you'll probably get all three. Now, can you tell me where those three teams sit in the standings?

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