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Single older ladies


I got married inwhen I was 20 years old. I was married for 18 years really, 15 years because that is when we separated. And then, after that, I had a relationship with a significant other for 17 years.

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Doing the math, I was in a relationship for 32 years and single for 42 years. It is my intention to stay single. This bold statement is not as drastic as it "Single older ladies" because I know that I will have male friends or boyfriends until I take my last breath. However, it is not my preference to co-habit with a man again under the same roof or marry a man no matter how much I love him. Years ago, people used to raise eyebrows at women who chose to live alone.

Maybe some people still do. You might think it is absurd Single older ladies me to plunge head on in the single direction and want to live for the rest of my life in singular bliss.

Of course, I might be in assisted living someday, so that would negate my concerted desire to live alone.

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Single older ladies Every morning when I take my half mile swim in Barton Springs and feel the cold water washing over my body, I give gratitude for the way my life keeps giving me inspiration, fulfilment and joy. When I practice Yoga, the stillness of my life brings me spiritual sustenance. If you had known me decades ago, you would have seen a woman manically in search of a relationship, in search of togetherness, in search of a soul mate.

I was lucky that I found a man who remarkably matched my sensibilities in all the ways I thought important — body, mind, and spirit.

When Single older ladies partner died, I knew he would have wanted me to keep moving forward, to experience everything I desired, to stay close to my sons and grandchildren, to study, to be curious, to read and most important of all, to write. My partner never saw my aspirations come to fruition, but Single older ladies is enough for me to believe that his energy and inspiration infuses my choices and cheers my decisions on to this day.

When I lived in Los Angeles, there was an online magazine called Singularity. The idea was to offer ideas, suggestions and activities to encourage singles to live a happy and fulfilling life. The real intent of the magazine was to dissolve the stigma of living single. I poured through the contents of the magazine for a while. In the beginning of my single journey, I was fascinated by single women in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

They were fearless and powerful figures. I wanted some of what they had because for most of my life I had wanted a live-in sexy buddy no matter the terms.

It all began to change after I retired. I began to feel me in all my glory.

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