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Watching women urinate fetish


Men are obsessed with breasts, they suckle on them as babies, and the allure of bottoms entices their horny hands as if with some celestial force. The appeal of girls peeing comes from some atavistic kink in the male genome.

Like canines marking their territory, girls peeing is feral, primitive, earthy. Freud described the libido as psychosexual energy: If we go back to our cavemen ancestors, girls peeing whenever they wanted and wherever they squatted was normal. That feeling of sliding back into your primordial skin is inborn and curiously sensual.

Put another way, girls peeing...

You are doing what came natural before shame and the fig leaf entered Eden. In a world in crisis growing tougher for more people and in more complex ways, baby role play paraphilic infantilism has been rebranded as: The Japanese have a predilection for Omorashi — holding your pee until Watching women urinate fetish are ready to burst in order to give pleasure to yourself and for those watching your discomfort.

It takes all sorts. Peeing fetishes are called watersports, golden showers and, to "Watching women urinate fetish" classical, urolagnia, from the Greek ouronurine, and lagneiaa lovely word meaning lust. Late night girl, insomniac, passionate - I write from the heart: Yes,very interesting subject men do get turned on by watching and also listening to women peeingin a matter of fact in some sex books written by sex therapists it is encouraged for couples either watch their partners pee or stand out side the toilet door and listen to each other as this triggers your sexual scenes in Watching women urinate fetish brain and feelings to activate ,especially if people have low self worth or no idea of sex what so ever and their is a multitude of people who have been taught that down there is dirty or unclean and should not be touched.

Quizzed by police, he admitted...

Which brings us to ask the question what sex education did you get as a child? Watching does turn you on at lest i do any way with my partner or wife. I find your own experiences with it interesting as they are contrary to mine. I was in a 10 year monogamous relationship, married for most of that time while living together in Watching women urinate fetish sq.

In Japan, this latter parahilic...

Sometime after our divorce it became a topic of thought… In my opinion the near excessive normalization of our sexual anatomy for the purpose of urination in fact desexaulized our sex organs for the purpose of actual sex. Because of the subconscious nature of this I can only see by looking back how it was detrimental to our sex life.

These thoughts did take years for all to surface into my Watching women urinate fetish so I could sort everything out for myself.

I simply find it fascinating how two people can feel so differently about what seems to be extremely similar behaviour. One just never knows….

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Thank you for this. Yes, men are primitive and they enjoy it. For me, it has no sexual connotation whatsoever. My understanding is that urine is sterile, and that in the past doctors tasted a patients sample to diagnose diabetes. I could be misguided as the result of my imagination running riot. She has taken me into her body many times. I was hanging out with a former lover and she had a confession: In my inebriated state, I thought she squirted.

This fetish sometimes originates from...

I have to admit…her confession turned me on. Also, my best friend shared a video of her squatting over a stream and peeing. Robyn in a skirt with no panties…peeing in broad daylight…and doing the cutest little shimmy after she finished…I was so hard watching that video.

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