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30 and single man


At 30, love feels like a game of musical chairs: If you are a single male from the millennial generation, chances are you spent your 20s like mine: Our knees become sore after playing a pickup game of basketball. We wear casual dress shoes to Sunday brunches in trendy 30 and single man with carefully-designed graffiti. We no longer dance at nightclubs because we are dancing at weddings.

In the palm of our hands, our Facebook newsfeed is bombarded with baby pictures.

In Your 30s And Not...

30 and single man For the first time in your life you feel lonely and incomplete. You sign up for dating sites, hoping to find either The One or anyone. On first dates, you envision a life and starting a family with each woman. You have lost yourself. DTM is harmful in many ways. First, it could lead to depression and loss of self-worth. You spend your day fantasizing about love, but because of your disappointments, your hope of finding 30 and single man woman of your dreams has become an expectation of finding no one at all.

Second, the impatience could lead to fruitless relationships — settling for someone less than what you deserve — or in the most unfortunate scenario, a failed marriage.

Settling for the next warm body is not the solution to DTM. The Best Man is constantly growing. He capitalizes his time by learning something new each day. When he is not at work, you can find him reading at the local bookstore, taking salsa lessons at a studio, or hiking a mountainous trail. He learns from the old and mentors the young.

The Best Man is confident yet humble. He holds a strong sense of identity; he knows who he is and what he wants.

year-old guys are a curious...

He is always qualified, never glorified. He is not a push-over; he sets boundaries and does not tolerate unacceptable behavior. He is not afraid to confront wrongdoing. The Best Man saves for the future.

When you are over 30...

He does not care for shopping. Petty materials and luxury are not as meaningful as to financial security for his future: The Best Man is honorable. He is a man of morals, a hero of honor, a don of dignity.

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