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Long distance boyfriend texting less


For instance my boyfriend lives an hour away for school but we see each other every weekend or every other depending on our schedules.

Being together and bonding in person is the most important part of any relationship but next to that — in an LDR — communication is vital. We also FaceTime occasionally. The texting has gone WAY down which has been sad for me — ecstatic for him lol. There is no set standard as to how many calls or texts you should receive and everyday is a different day.

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So ask for whatever is comfortable for you. They normally think everything is ok. And oh, it helps to fall off the radar sometimes. They will start checking in with you voluntarily. Alyssa, I met my BF a year ago long distance and first time we chatted for hours on facebook we have 1 friend in common.

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Then at the end of the chat he sent me his number and I sent him mine…. It was insane, after few days we moved to phone calls that lasted ALL night until 3, 4, 5am! We did that for weeks!

We would go to sleep and by 8am, he would text, and kept texting from work too! Our connection has been amazing from the very first message.

After few months, we calmed down thank God!

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Not all relationships are like this. If you are heading into a serious relationship, you could be having more communication. If this is just casual, then consider the cost. It can get VERY expensive to Long distance boyfriend texting less long distance!

Those flights and expenses add up quick. I think it depends from couple to couple depending on what are your communication needs. It also depends on how often you see each other and if there is a time difference between the two of you and how busy you both are.