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Al gore bringing sexy back on mtv


The announcer just announced Queen Latifah onto the stage.

Al Gore brings a "sexy"...

I glanced over, just to see what she was going to be announcing. But then she started talking about how it has taken 10, generations for the global population to reach only 2 billion and now in just one lifetime it has sky rocketed to 9 billion.

She starting talking about saving our future and how we are messing with mother nature.

Where is this going? I rushed over to watch to see what this truly surprising appearance was all about. The video is now up at MTV.

AP: Thrill is gone at...

If you can't find it, here's a transcript below. I'm typing this up as I re-watch the video so bare with me if there are any mistakes So here we are in the 25th year of MTV. And that quarter century has given us some great memories, some great music, and some fantastic musicians here tonight.

warning about global warming from...

And during their lifetime, our world has certainly come a long way. But because of the rapid buildup of global warming polution in our's earth's atmosphere, it has also been suffering.

Connect the stars that the nation's youth identifies with to a growing trend of global warming.

And here is a shot of that same glacier now. Here's a glacier in Argentina 20 years ago; same glacier today.

But then MTV explained the...

This is Peru 27 years ago; and today. Our earth is getting warmer and dramatic changes are taking place; glaciers and icecaps are melting; animal species are going extinct; storms are getting stronger and deadlier.

During last night's MTV Video...

Our planet is in trouble. Many of you already know this and have long since been connecting the dots.

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