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Married before divorce was final


I dont know what to do. My wedding is September 26, I cannot tell me parents this they will FLIP out!! I am so sorry this is happening to you! I really hope you are able to track her down and get this settled.

What's the punishment under the...

I would talk to your Married before divorce was final about the situation and see what he has to say. I do have a related question for you. You say you are getting married in the Catholic church. I realize not all marriages necessarily require this, though, if they were invalid for lack of form or the parties were not baptised. I was always under the impression that in the Catholic church, you had to have it annulled. So, not only can you not still be married, you would have to go through that whole process first before they will marry you I believe.

Also, no priest, minister, judge, etc.

You need to postpone, resolve your issues and then start again. Nicole Kidman 2nd marriage was catholic because the church doesnt recognize scientology her 1st marriage to tom cruise but she was legally divorced. Besides the Catholic bit, I think your groom does have some legal power here.

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