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Degrassi cast hookup in real life


From forgettable newbies to the classic Degrassi crew, we're ranking every character. The virtually indestructible teen drama is like nothing else on television.

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Last season — its fifteenth overall, and the first in its newest "Degrassi: Luke had the dubious distinction of being the only member of the main cast who was also a rapist. He is, without a doubt, the single worst major character in "Degrassi" history.

He went to jail, and I've tried hard to forget about him ever since. Derek was, at first, just an annoying prankster alongside his BFF Danny. But once he joined the football team, he became a legit menace. Most memorably, he was one of the players who violently beat up Jane after she joined the all-male team.

He somehow managed to hang around for three entire seasons as Johnny DiMarco's perpetual shadow, but showed virtually no redeeming qualities during that time. He was also one of the players who beat up Jane when she joined the football team. Take a hike, Moose. He allowed the obviously-unhinged Rick Murray back into Degrassi, and then turned a blind eye when the student body bullied him. For that, he's one of the worst. Early Owen was homophobic and transphobic — just not a cool dude, by any stretch.

His later relationship with Anya improved him a bit, but not by much. He was initially a transphobic asshat to Adam, even going so far as to dress in "drag" to mock him, though they eventually patched things up. Then, Dave cheated on Alli after pining after her for years.

The kid was such a doofus. Hunter is every terrible stereotype about gamers and nerds, dialed up to Remember that time an obviously white dude was supposed to be playing an Inuit character? And the college years were kind of terrible in general. My beloved Holly J was way too good for him. Also, his name was Blue fucking Chessex.

Damian completes the hot-but-useless-guy trifecta. This dude somehow managed to get with Manny, Liberty, and Emma in the span of nine episodes. That alone is impressive, but beyond it, he was mostly memorable for cheating on Emma with Liberty at prom. So pretty, but so dumb. Wesley was possibly the least memorable character to ever grace the school's halls. I honestly can't call to mind a single thing he ever did.

He was a generic nerd stereotype and eventually vanished completely in mid-Season 11, as "Degrassi cast hookup in real life" sophomore, without even a proper send-off. Leia was another forgettable character. We know almost nothing about Baaz yet, other than that he's one-fourth of the gamer club Degrassi cast hookup in real life went along with Hunter's truly despicable online harassment of Maya in Season So everything we know about him is terrible, basically.

Toby never had much to do other than Degrassi cast hookup in real life J. His male eating disorder storyline was important albeit briefbut he also did some weird, inappropriate things like kiss Liberty about four seconds after J.

Not a good look, Caitlyn. Like the other gamer club members, we know little about Vijay. But his attempt at forming a relationship with oblivious Tristan was adorable and heartbreaking, so Vijay gets a bit of a boost above the other three gamers. It hurts my heart to rank baby Nina Dobrev this low, but Mia was a mess and a half.

She came between OG super-couple Liberty and Degrassi cast hookup in real life. Mia's modeling arc was one of the stupidest and least believable storylines ever. No one was overly miffed when she up and left for Paris abruptly at the start of Season 9. Who makes out with a guy when he's got a girlfriend and a newborn? Marisol does — and KC was very much not worth it.

On top of that, she was the worst friend ever, blabbing about Katie's bulimia and using it against her. Marisol's later relationship with Mo was cute, but not enough to redeem her truly awful behavior.

I will truly never understand why "Degrassi" dropped the ball with Johnny's redemption arc. He started off as a friend of Drake Lempkey, the little devil who killed J.

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