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Kollin von ahn wife sexual dysfunction


During the past few decades, scientific evidence has been accumulated concerning the possible adverse effects of the exposure to environmental chemicals on the well-being of wildlife and human populations. One large and growing group of such compounds of anthropogenic or natural origin is referred to as endocrine-disrupting chemicals EDCsdue to their deleterious action on the endocrine system.

This concern was first focused on the control of reproductive function particularly in males, but has later been expanded to include all possible endocrine functions. The present review describes the underlying physiology behind the cascade of developmental events that occur during sexual differentiation of males and the specific role of androgen in the masculinization process and proper organogenesis of the external male genitalia. The impact of the genetic background, environmental exposures and lifestyle factors in the etiology of hypospadias, cryptorchidism and testicular cancer are reviewed and the possible role of EDCs in the development of these reproductive disorders is discussed critically.

Finally, the possible direct and programming effects of exposures in utero to widely use therapeutic compounds, environmental estrogens and other chemicals on the incidence of reproductive abnormalities and poor semen quality in humans are also highlighted.

During recent years, there has been evidence that wildlife species Kollin von ahn wife sexual dysfunction humans are exposed to ubiquitous endocrine-disrupting chemicals EDCs through environmental and lifestyle factors. Such substances can act through many mechanisms, including agonistic or antagonistic action at the hormone receptor or post-receptor level or by interference with the synthesis, transport and metabolism of certain hormones.

A recent general definition of an EDC is that it is a substance interfering with any aspect of hormone function. An EAS is a substance that has the inherent ability to interact or interfere with one or more components of the endocrine system, resulting in a biological effect without necessarily causing adverse effects.

EDCs are compounds of natural or synthetic origin that can be identified according to three criteria: Because the reproductive function of humans, especially males, is regulated by a number of hormones and paracrine factors, it is not surprising that EDCs may contribute to adverse reproductive health outcomes in developing and adult humans. This idea is supported by reports of increased incidences of human reproductive disorders in recent decades, including cryptorchidism, hypospadias, testicular cancer and poor semen quality.

Kollin von ahn wife sexual dysfunction

Because the reproductive function of...

This set of symptoms has been combined into one entity named testicular dysgenesis syndrome TDSwhich is caused by disturbed testicular development in utero. The presence of subpopulations of humans with genetic aberrations or polymorphisms that have a predisposition to deleterious impact s of environmental factors cannot be excluded.

Exposure to EDCs during development may result in different effects than exposure during adulthood. Adverse effects may be most pronounced in the developing organism and occur at concentrations of the chemical far lower than would be considered harmful in the adult. Such interactions between the developing organism in utero and the toxic components of the environment may determine the predisposition of that individual to develop disease later in life.

One example, although recently challenged, is the observation that exposure to vinclozolin, a fungicide and antiandrogenic agent, during embryogenesis decreases the adult sperm motility and concentration, and this effect is transferred through several generations of male offspring and is associated with alterations in the sperm methylation profile. It is well-documented that Kollin von ahn wife sexual dysfunction and children can be very sensitive to exogenous hormones 1011 because the hormones interfere with the programming of normal hormone signaling and metabolic pathways.

We will also focus on the cascade of cellular Kollin von ahn wife sexual dysfunction that occur during sex differentiation and how certain EDCs may disturb this process in animal models. During male development, the human reproductive system undergoes several distinct cellular events, including sex determination, sexual differentiation and masculinization.