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Sexual adjustment counseling


Abstract The aim of the present research was to investigate the effect of life style changes on marital adjustment. Eighty couples who had the most determined maladjustment were selected and randomly divided to experimental and control groups. Then an intervention method for life style change was administered to the experimental group.

The Enrich was questionnaire for pre and post test. The results show that, the method of life style changing was reducing marital maladjustment. This effect was for dimensions of marital adjustment such as; personality issues, financial management, conflict resolution and sexual relationships. It was recommended that counselors and psychotherapists select their intervention method according to the maladjustment dimensions to help afflicted couples with maladjustment.

Marriage provides companionship psychological security, emotional assurance, reduced loneliness, fulfillment of psychological needs and obtaining life goals Landis, ; Fowers and Olson, Important in marriage is satisfaction with the marriage and adjustment to it.

In other wise, there are positive relationship between marital adjustment and hope and satisfaction with life Bailey and Snyder,religiosity Orathinkal and Vansteenwegen,emotional expressiveness Ingoldsby et al. Also the research shown that, the demographic "Sexual adjustment counseling" include age, number of children and length of marriage were significantly positively correlated with marital and sexual adjustment Jose and Alfons, Therefore, marriage counseling and prevention programs should focus on reducing marital dissatisfaction.

If marital maladjustment decreases, sexual problems and disorders will improve Ahmadi et al. Also, the study shows that relation between problem-solving strategies in the marital conflict and marital satisfaction Kriegelewicz, Many programs have been compiled and presented for intervention in marriage.

These can be classified into 3 major categories: The intervention method used in this study should be classified as marriage counseling Champion Sexual adjustment counseling Power, Marital therapy is developing, methods and procedures are improving. Some of the methods used in treatment of couple problems are behavioral Sexual adjustment counseling, cognitive approaches, psychoanalytic approaches and the systemic approaches Champion and Power, Among this approach, the Adler individual psychology is older.

The main concept in which is life style Briggs and Peat, Adler used such concepts as self, personality, unity of personality, formation of one's creative activities, one's methods of Sexual adjustment counseling with problems, one's ideas and opinion about one's and problem and the overall attitude toward life Ansbacher and Ansbacher, Life style as discussed by Adler is a model of personality development.

Different components of this model were presented Stein and Edwerds According to this model, life style has 5 roots: Therefore, life style is an extensive concept and there are various researches on the subject of life style.

The research shows that, there are relationship between birth order, intergenerational change in life style and familial satisfaction.

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This relationship is stronger between women who were first-born in terms Sexual adjustment counseling birth order. This relationship is also stronger for those who were not experiencing intergenerational change than for those who were experiencing intergenerational change. In addition this relationship is stronger among those who were at age 16 and were satisfied with their parental family than for those who were dissatisfied Johnson and Stokes, Also level of education is associated with life style.

Life style factor in adolescence were associated with educational attainment in adulthood. Significant findings indicate that lifespan childhood and adult partner victimization were the strongest predictors of women's drug-related life style activities.

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An association exists between the respondents' lifespan childhood and partner victimization scores and Sexual adjustment counseling life style activities scores, with these relationships modified by intervening variables, such as age, marital status, partner substance use and parental substance use Hequembourg et al.

In other words, body health is of great importance in terms of life style. Cross-sectional study revealed the presence of a strong relationship between life style risk factors with an elevation in blood pressure concurrent with a positive family history of hypertension Al-Safi et al.

Therefore, Unhealthy life style practices are risk factors for future hypertension Winnicki et al. The Family physician has enormous opportunities to facilitate healthy life style change among his patients.

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The Family, in turn, has powerful molding influences on the individual's health beliefs and actions. If the physician can realize the impact his attitudes and actions have on his families health, beliefs Sexual adjustment counseling behavior, the multiplication of effects can be considerable Sherin, Family-oriented compliance counseling is a process for involving the Family to increase compliance and thereby enhance health status and life style change efforts.

A straightforward and effective therapeutic strategy for increasing compliance in a family counseling context is described and illustrated by Sperry According to Adler's theory, if the life style of the client does not change after the treatment period, actually the client is not helped Stein, It must be noted that modifications Sexual adjustment counseling life style are possible throughout the life span.

People can fortify their relationships with others, try to develop assertiveness, evaluate and discuss their own problems, get in touch with others in an intimate manner and improve their usefulness to others Stein and Edwards, Adlerian counseling and psychotherapy consists of 12 stages concentrated on individual progression or on parents problems and couple relations, as follows: According to this theory, family is the basis "Sexual adjustment counseling" social organization.

Therefore the study of family is very important and essential. Sexual adjustment counseling concepts of family identified and studied are authority, boundaries, belongings, unity, roles, regulations, complement, differences, similarities, myths and relational models Carlson et al. The main purpose of Adlerian family therapy is to change the individual and the family as a whole.

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