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Invalidating peoples feelings get hurt


Listen to the audio version of this article here. A dozen Invalidating peoples feelings get hurt of being unable to see the forest for the trees. EVERY one of those fights mattered.

EVERY one of those fights was the result of a conversation where one or both of us made a thoughtless, selfish, emotionally impulsive and undisciplined choice. Only masochists who hate themselves would create and execute an action plan to sabotage every conversation they have to provoke an emotionally unpleasant fight for one or both relationship partners—especially knowing the end of that story was a messy divorce and broken home.

Most "Invalidating peoples feelings get hurt" us are just a little bit broken and a lot bit uninformed about the healthy and unhealthy behaviors that make marriage and dating relationships thrive vs. Not a Real Man. Having my Man Card was important to me. The thinking seems to be: If you have your Man Card, the guys will accept me and the ladies will want me. To be sure, there ARE people who demonstrate a high level of stoicism and emotional consistency.

In real life, almost nothing influences human behavior as much as our emotions do.

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