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Getting out of the friend zone success stories


InBrendan Sullivan managed to do what many men dream of: Here he shares with Jennifer Wright how he did it. Emilia had long, beautiful blonde hair like a mermaid.

I'll admit I once sat...

She worked in the arts and was fluent in seven languages. I met her though my friend David, who visited from France in The three of us and another friend spent a perfect summer day eating a long lunch and then watching the sunset on the roof of Soho House.

I found Emilia attractive, but I thought David was interested in her, so I figured I was going to be his wingman. The following week, I had everyone over for a lobster bake at my house.

How This "Nice Guy" Steals...

It was turning into fall, and I remember sitting in the concrete backyard of my house in Brooklyn with Emilia and realizing that she seemed as happy to be there as she had been at Soho House — everything seemed fun to her. That night, though we had met only twice, we dared each other to spend Thanksgiving together in Belize.

But I needed to find a way to transition from having her see me as a friend to a possible romantic partner.

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