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Apostolic pentecostal


My only request is this: I was determined I would be an Apostolic Pentecostal til the day I died.

I have seen many people...

But one day the discussions started. I firmly believed this too and had experienced this and seen others Apostolic pentecostal this. God does love everybody and wants everybody to be saved. Do you really think God wants you to not have fun? God is still going to love you if you do those things.

A: The term could refer...

God does want me to enjoy life and He will Apostolic pentecostal love me. A year after I left the church I started a downward spiral of depression. I knew there had to be more to life. I questioned if God even existed for if He did, why did He allow bad things to happen?

So I started seeking. I looked into several religions: Thank God I had enough sense to cut Apostolic pentecostal people off immediately after the invite. None of those made sense to me. I had seen miraculous healings.

I had seen people get the Holy Ghost with the initial Apostolic pentecostal of speaking in tongues. I had been baptized in Jesus name and remembered the feeling when I came up out of the water. And the only true God was Jesus.

Ok, so I had it settled that Jesus is God, no doubt about it.

But now "Apostolic pentecostal" was faced with the reality that there were many denominations out there—many churches full of people who love God and whom God loves. Yet, many of them teach different things. God cannot be controlling like those Apostolic Pentecostals wereApostolic pentecostal thought, so I knew I had to get into the Bible and find out what it really says so I could find a church that preaches what the Bible actually says.

So I started reading the Bible and researching many denominations, where they came from, who decided what they would teach, what do they teach, etc.

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