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Sexual offenders list florida


That conclusion ignores the hard truth, however. Clients have often told me that registration is worse than the actual punishment. Florida has some of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to sex offender registration.

Other states only have a requirement that you register for a specific number of years before they remove you from the their registry. Florida also makes all sex offender information public, regardless of the severity of the crime. Other states only make information public for more serious offenses. Florida law allows certain youthful offenders Sexual offenders list florida petition or motion the court for removal from sex offender registry.

The Florida Department of Law...

This applies to a person designated as a sex offender or sexual predator. You can request removal from the registry if:. The odds are lower in other counties. The Romeo and Juliet law does not allow second petitions. You can request removal from the Florida sex offender registry if a court overturns the conviction that triggered registration.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement....

You can accomplish this through an appeal of your conviction or a motion for post-conviction relief. In one case I worked, I was able to have the conviction triggering registration overturned because my client was not warned that he would have to register as sex offender. While Florida law currently does not require a defendant to be warned of "Sexual offenders list florida" consequence of sex offender registration when pleading, I was able to successfully argue that the law was wrong and needed to be changed.

Rather than litigate the case, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges. This case represents a potential significant change in the law that could benefit thousands of sex offenders in Florida.

You can also petition to have your name removed from the sex offender registry 25 years after your entire sentence is complete. The entire sentence includes more than just time behind bars. It also means any probation of parole after. There are few big exceptions to the ability to make this petition, though.

Florida law does not allow anyone labelled as a sexual predator to remove that designation. A pardon entitles you to removal from the sex offender registry.

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