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POTTS Gay and lesbian youth are more likely to be out than ever before, andwithsupportfromfamilyand friends. However there has been an upwards trend in homophobic abuse while in an increasingly online world, bullying was taking newforms. Dr Hillier told a packed audience there were good things and bad things to be taken from theupdatedresearch.

In the same report found one in five same-sex attracted youthhadtoldnooneabouttheir sexuality, By five percent had told no one, and in that percentagehadhalvedagain. There had also been a change in the way same-sex attracted youthviewe Less.

There had also been a change in the way same-sex attracted youthviewedthemselves. More troubling was the rise in reported abuse. In only 44 percent had suffered verbal abuse because of their sexuality while in the figure jumped to 61 percent.

In 18 percent were assaulted because of their sexuality compared to Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction percent in A theme throughout the forum was the need for bipartisan policies to tackle homophobic bullying. We need ongoing commitments that are going to take us longer than political life cycles.

The moves come after University of NSW constitutional law expert George Williams gave the opinion that states could legalise same-sexmarriagewithintheirownborders. Greenwich said whichever state legalised same-sex marriage first should expect a revenue windfall from same-sex couples flockingtothestatetomarry.

Keep up to date with all our short posts and tweets. Community Contacts 07 13 21 36 Gatherings will begin with a roundtable discussion, presentation or speeches,followedbyanopportunitytoshareideas withotherswhileenjoyingdrinksandnibbles.

AninauguralgatheringwillbeheldonNovember 30andwilldiscusshowtheco-opcanbestmeetthe needs of members. The inaugural meeting of Camp Co-Op is on November 30 from 6. To attend email your details and the details of your organisaiton to campcoop starobserver. The consultation is at 6pm on Wednesday, November The meetign will be followed by a dinner. Guest speaker is counsellor, Tony Williams.

Details "Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction" Scott gammansw yahoo. It is at the Burdekin Hotel on November 17 from 7pm. Street sellers will be spotted around the city in the days leading up to the event. Are you ready to Rumble? He plays gigs in Sydney and Melbourne from November POTTS Marriage equality advocates have called the past week a watershed event in the fight for marriage equality in Australia.

Figures from state politics joined Bligh,withtheTasmanianPremierDavid Bartlett stating he was not opposed to same-sex marriage, despite opposing a Greens bill to legalise it under state laws. That will either mean a conscience vote or bringing forward the national conference. On November 27, supporters of marriage equality will meet at the Sydney Town Hall at 1pm for the next in a series of rallies.

What do you think? To read a full obituary visit www. Supper Club, Oxford Hotel. More pics online at www. We need to maintain vigilance, to promote education, to remove stigma and to secure behaviour change. All of this is hard. Doors open 6pm and the film begins at sunset, al fresco. Location is still to "Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction" chosen but will be widely promoted when decided. The event is catered and several expert speakers will present.

More information or to register ring Neil McKellar-Stewart info: If you want any information about groups, services, organisations or events in Northern Rivers, you can contact Sioux Harrison at ACON on or sharrison acon.

You can see the outfit in action at a number of festivals and events over summer — check out www. Plus all cloak room proceeds go straight to ACON. In front of several people last week, Margaret Andrews told writer Benjamin Law, following an address he gave at the conference, that she was disgustedbyhisspeech. I pointedouttherewas another view about family life to theonehewasputtingforward. Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction such a specific length, you ask?

Couples interested can organise a suitable time for Cooper to photograph them. There will be no commercial gain from the project, and you can have your portrait removed at any time if you change your mind. McFeely told Sydney Star Observer there was a simple explanation.

It was first published in and proceedings were brought Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction the publishers under the Obscene Publications Act — ironic given the novel lacks any profanities or graphic depictions of sex. The Well was republished in England in and has not been out print since.

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While the social climate has improved for same-sex attracted people and their families, we continue to face some of the same struggles articulated in the book. Unable to marry, and living in a society hostile to same-sex relationships, Stephen found herself with little to offer her lovers. Marriage was the means by which loving relationships were recognised by society.

Marriage provided security, social fluidity and a space to start a family. Living in a community that did not recognise "Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction" legitimacy of same-sex relationships, the samesex attracted characters lived closeted existences.

More than 70 years on, the Marriage Act still excludes same-sex couples, and many same-sex attracted people continue to live closeted lives. Recently, a range of key ALP figures have come out against this discrimination. By excluding samesex couples from marrying, the federal government continues to send a message that our relationships are not as genuine, loving or worthy of recognition as heterosexual relationships.

Where so many have failed, who can hope to succeed? It will be held on 7pm Wednesday 17th November at the Burdekin Hotel. Catch it at Carriageworks from November On October 30 an intensive postering effort was made by students to promote the Equal Marriage Rights Rally held in Canberra last Saturday.

Eriksen stressed that the majority of ANU students were not responsible and the reaction on Sir martyn arbib wife sexual dysfunction had been heartening.