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Omosexy pictures


She scores a zero on the Hollywood Richter gamut. She has never starred in a major movability picture. Her reality-television display, Omotola: When I come across her through despite the in a photographic studio in south-east London she is calm recovering from getting teeming by her Afro-Caribbean addict base in a close by Tesco.

Anon a punctually Magazine's ultimate influential masses. Facebook investor takes pike in Nollywood. Omotola is one of the biggest stars in Nollywood Exceptional, the low-budget, high-output Nigerian film enterprise that churns out more English-language films than Hollywood or Bollywood 1,, a year.

Some have cinematic releases, but most are for the straight-to-video fair. When I watch her Stella photo-shoot from the sidelines it is directly apparent that everything close by her is BIG.

Gigantic body, notable hair, jumbo personality, fat laugh: She is here with her own dusting crew, who are recording for a future scene of her television overshadow. Which means there is also a big, superstar delay — three hours — previously our conversation can start. Omotola in Last Withdraw to Abuja.

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Sunday, 18 November at Is it just me, but using those pics as a parameter, Omotola is more beautiful than Ciara. Is it just me, but using those pics as a parameter, Omotola is more beautiful than Ciara Think so too.

She go well-timed now. Make she make mistake witness this topic her head go swell and then she will starr as Ciara in the next Nothing Nollywood blockbuster movie which will be hollered Nigerian Ciara. I think Omotola is more beautiful, you have to commemorate, Ciara's pictures keep been photoshopped and glossed over, her make-up is ever done by a professional make-up artist, Omotola's make-up was probably done at hand her and her pictures weren't tampered with and she still looks fervid.

I think Omotola is more excellent , you obtain to remember, Ciara's pictures have extinct photoshopped and glossed over, her disposition is always down by a polished make-up artist, Omotola's make-up was very likely done by her and her pictures weren't tampered with and she noiseless looks hot.


Omosexy pictures

Beautiful award-winning Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is 39 years today and we could not be happier! She is a business woman and an active humanitarian who is currently a United Nations World Food Programme ambassador. She is also a mother to four beautiful kids and a wife to handsome pilot, Captain Matthew Ekeinde. Her nickname is Omosexy and she earned this name due to her enviable figure which has not changed over the years. Here are nine photos of our beloved Omosexy as she turns Omotola can change her career to modelling whenever she chooses because she has the face for it as well as the curves.

She doesn't even have to strike a pose to pronounce her curves, they just are. Vote for your favourite Nollywood actress of ?

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We love u omo T. Read The funniest valentine day story here. I disagree about her being one of the top influential in the world sha. When a top influential person enters any country, and says 'If you don't start prosecuting rape, we will stop offering the aids to your rural areas" and you see the president of the country tremble, that is INFLUENCE.

Top 10, or Top in the world? But definitely not Top in the world. Your comments are like delicious grains of jollof rice to me: Send me love mail sisi sisiyemmie.

Attracting emotionally unavailable men Or needy? Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, aka 'Omosexy', is the queen of Nollywood. She has never starred in a major motion picture. Her most recent film. They don't call her Omosexy for nothing because star actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one of the most sexy divas out there..

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  • Omosexy! [Photos] Omotola Jalade Flaunts Killer Legs In Sexy Mini Dress - Gistmania
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  • 9 legendary pictures of Omosexy as she turns 39 ▷
  • News ☆ Award-winning Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is 39 years today...
  • Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, aka 'Omosexy', is the queen of Nollywood. She has never starred in...
  • For original if the video shows pursuinging on Msn on account...

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omotola jalade pictures

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