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Women tease while men masturbate


Awkwardness aside, every girl knows touching herself in front of her man has the potential to be the greatest thing she can do.

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But let's just say that the first time eyes are 'all on you' can be slightly, err, uncomfortable. However, there's no reason to feel intimidated, apparently men love it just as much as you do. Though just to confirm, we Women tease while men masturbate guys what they thought about their lady masturbating in front of them and their answers made it, well, pretty clear While it's perfectly acceptable for men douchebags to talk about the complex nuances of their 'wank bank', it's a lot more complicated, awkward and often taboo for women to do the same there's a double standard for you.

So we totally get it if touching yourself in front of your other half doesn't exactly rank highly on the list of things you're immediately comfortable doing in the bedroom. So in efforts to boost your confidence, we asked guys on Reddit to see what they had to say about their other half pleasing herself in Women tease while men masturbate of the them, and well, it just happens to be quite a major fantasy of theirs.

Here's why they LOVE it. Playing a voyeur of sorts with someone with whom you have a close connection is a turn on to me. My wife uses a wand and I cheer her on and assist as needed, playing with her breasts etc.

About halfway through she'll get me to finger her G-spot to orgasm, which I love. Then she vibes 'til she gets her clit off.

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Sometimes it's late and sex would be a lot of work, sometimes it's after a quickie where she didn't cum. Usually I hold her from behind and play with her breasts, so she cums in my arms. Recently I've masturbated her to completion, which is a whole new level of erotic.

Yes, it's hot, it's worth doing.

However, my girlfriend is submissive and I love making her masturbate in front of me, especially when I'm still wearing clothes as I can tell she's embarrassed by it. I guess my question is why would they lie about it? If someone doesn't find something hot why would they ask you to do it or why would they say they find it hot?

She has recently gotten far more into rubbing herself during intercourse which is a huge turn on for me. The only real downside to that is that she is too sensitve after an orgasm, so she doesn't like me Women tease while men masturbate go down on her immediately after.

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