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But Mr Narayanan's escape from the wretchedness that is the lot of most Dalits has not shielded India's underclass from a rising tide of violence, according to a new report from the American-based monitoring organisation Human Rights Watch. During the s aggression against Dalits - especially those who dare to challenge the existing order - has increased dramatically, it says, Kr narayanan wife sexual dysfunction whole villages punished for individual transgressions against the authority of the higher castes.

The report, called Broken People: Caste Violence against India's 'Untouchables', lists the problems faced by the Dalits, who form more than one-sixth of India's population. Despite the official abolition of 'untouchability' init remains a part of everyday life in rural areas. Most Dalits are not permitted to use the same wells, visit "Kr narayanan wife sexual dysfunction" same temples or cross from their part of the village into that occupied by higher castes.

About 45 per cent of them work as farm labourers for pitiful wages often paid in rice, not cash.

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Only 8 per cent of them have gone to secondary school. The report states that Indian officialdom is often indifferent or downright hostile to their plight. In some cases it even intervenes on behalf of their oppressors.

Since the early s Dalits have been pressing for greater equality and some have supported Maoist guerrilla groups fighting for land redistribution. But such action has led to revenge attacks on entire Dalit communities. In Kr narayanan wife sexual dysfunction eastern state of Bihar, there have been several massacres of landless labourers by private landlord militias. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Dalits returning with money from jobs in the Gulf states and elsewhere find themselves attacked when they try to buy land for their families.

According to the report, Dalit women are particularly likely to be the focus of attacks by the landlords and police who use rape and other forms of violence 'to inflict political lesssons and crush dissent within the community'.

Such atrocities are committed within a "Kr narayanan wife sexual dysfunction" of daily humiliation.

More than a million Dalits work as scavengers, cleaning public and private toilets and hauling away animal carcasses with their bare hands. The Dalits have proved less adept at political mobilisation than many low-caste groups.

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The report states that terror campaigns have prevented some from voting and argues that the Prevention of Atrocities act, introduced a decade ago to stop such oppression, has never been given teeth. Human Rights Watch is now calling on the Indian government to set up monitoring units to investigate hate crimes, and special courts to prosecute them.

It also called for special training for police in dealing with Dalits.

What distinguished President K.R. Narayanan's...

Chandra Bhan Prasad, a Dalit activist, said that despite the high percentage of Dalits in Indiafew hold positions of power. From a population of at least million, 'there is not a single Dalit journalist working for a national newspaper and only two dozen Dalits among the 7, teachers on faculty at Delhi University', he says.

When KR Narayanan became president of India inhis rise gave hope to his million fellow Dalits, long shunned by much of Indian society as 'untouchables'.

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K.R. Narayanan. What distinguished President K.R. Narayanan's interview to N.

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