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Married friends of opposite gender


What do you suggest I do from here? The two of you just connected. You started spending more and more time with this person and even went to lunch a few times. But, you find yourself sharing more personal stories than you had intended and locking eyes longer than you wanted.

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During your encounters, time tends to stand still, and every day you find yourself thinking about this person more and more. And, before you know it, you realize that some major boundaries have been crossed, and you are afraid to tell your spouse about it. Does any of this sound familiar, Friend? If so, please know that you are not alone.

This may sound harsh and even ridiculous to you. Go home and connect with your spouse — NOT this friend. This may be very difficult, and it will be hard for your spouse to process.

The two of you can get through this when you decide to fight for each other and do what is necessary to rebuild trust. Your marriage is worth fighting for. Let this be a wake up call.

Ashley Willis is a wife and mom of four rambunctious boys. She and her husband, Daveare the founders of the Facebook Marriage Page and are the co-founders of StrongerMarriages.

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