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Kitts and Nevi St. Pierre and Miq St. This means no abusive behaviour toward other members, no racism, no sexist behaviour, no trolling behaviour behaviour to deliberately bait other membersno negative behaviour to the site itself.

Should you behave in a way that the community itself or management Amateur nude pic post unfit your account can and will be deleted without notice. If you are a premium member, and your account is banned by management or the community through our reporting toolyou have no entitlement to a refund.

We are more Amateur nude pic post reasonable, and we have very broad tolerance both from management perspective and the community, but should you cross the line then you will be removed.

This might sound harsh but we have only ever had to ban a few accounts. At the end of the day, behave like you would in ordinary public and you will be warmly accepted here. Community reporting tool - we operate a system whereby members are able to report troublesome profiles, providing a reason for this reporting.

Through sophisticated algorithms looking both at the reporting and reported parties, our system makes a decision as to whether to ignore the report, warn the reportee or ban the account. The decision of this system is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Content rules that apply to one area of NewbieNudes. For example, taboo talk is not allowed it chat, therefore it is not allowed anywhere, including usernames, status, photos, etc.

These Amateur nude pic post are members just like you and donate their time to keep this place a happy and thriving community.

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Any derogatory comments towards these moderators is a breach of our rules and may result in your account being gagged silenced or deleted. You are only permitted to establish and use one account at a time on this website. If we discover that "Amateur nude pic post" are logging in using more than one account, we reserve the right to delete any and all accounts relating to you.

This is at our full discretion. A number of members have been using the site to advertise their products or web sites, and we do not condone this. To clear up any ambiguity on this issue we are publishing the following rules regarding the use of this site to "advertise" a product or web site.

We do not mind if you want to mention a URL in your profile, but your profile should not be written in any way that could be construed as advertising or an effort to persuade users to a particular URL. Exceptions to these rules may be allowed under certain circumstances at the discretion of management. Posts must be "Notices" i.

Status Updates must be just that i. There are a few rules that we have for setting behavioural standards in the chat room s. While not being overly restrictive, these rules Amateur nude pic post define for both users and moderators what is unacceptable behaviour. Anyone seen breaching these rules is opening themselves to be removed from the room by a moderator. A moderator must identify themselves as such and provide one public warning before removing or "booting" the offending person from the room.

Breaking the rules may get your account banned or cancelled.

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Unacceptable behaviour is defined as:. Moderators are not exempt from rules. They should set the standard for all behaviour.