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Best army apps

Military life is a challenge,...

Note that all the links I have provided are for IOS. I am sorry that i was unable to get the android links.

Smartphones offer some incredible features...

If you haven't downloaded the app yet Why not just download it and enjoy what bangtang has to offer inorder to kill you multiple times a day. You can catch them live! When you got vlive right before your eyes like a door to heaven!

You can watch each run episode from head to Best army apps Vlive has not a single programme without english subs like OMG! The facility is heavenly!

It's just simple as that!

From Morse Code to military...

What's with the hesitation? Cm on ya'll if you don't have the app yet. It's not really possible to explain it all in one blog so you better check it out yourself!

With our awesome 7 handsome guys centered this app feature 24 games in 1!!!!! The games are really FUN but i gotta admit they are super hard but you will never get bored since there are so many options!

Army-technology lists ten of the...

I feel like this app needs more recognition cause it is DOPE! Click HERE to download. Struggling to remember korean words? Learn korean using vocabulary in BTS songs!

Unfortunately this app is only compatible with IOS users as it is only allowed to be used via imessage. How cool is that? This is not actually an app but it is Best army apps like an application which is directly saved to your icloud in imessage! Both the applications I mentioned are free.

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