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Hunter x hunter rpg game


Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So far, it is still incomplete to just pick up and play. Will post draft of character sheet a bit later. Don't have it in a more compliant format yet. Also, the image doesn't seem to be loading well. May just edit later on and fix it up.

The game takes place after...

Hunter x Hunter RPG - Nen Aura System d20 This is an attempt to quantify the premise of Nen, the Mind Force, that permeates the fantastic abilities of Hunters, elite agents with varied occupations ranging from chefs to enforcers, explorer's to assassins, heroes and villains. As indicated in the title, this uses the d20 system Call of Cthulhu for the character level progression and feats although skills are more attuned with PFbut with some aesthitical tweaks with a hint of FASERIP for the Nen abilities thrown in.

The main ability scores are as follows: Might strengthAgility dexterityHardiness constitutionIntellect IntelligenceCunning WisdomAllure charisma see what I mean about aesthetical? Each attribute is directly tied to a Nen type hence it's recommended to start off the adventure with the players already aware and capable of wielding Nen, Hunter x hunter rpg game it "Hunter x hunter rpg game" still optional to do otherwise.

How to choose your Nen type The anime has alluded that one's Nen type is normally based on one's own personality. Choosing to specialize on your natural Nen type gives way to powerful abilities.

Hunter x Hunter RPG -...

Choosing to garner abilities from types away from your Affinity is possible but comes at a cost like lesser efficiency, which will be discussed in further detail later on. There are some quizzes online that may make this interesting. As a baseline, one default way is to just let the dice decide: Enhancement Might - The most straightforward type, it has the best balance of both offense and defense. Emission Agility - Allows one to extend their Nen to great distances.

Often users of this type prefer Hunter x hunter rpg game range combat. Transmutation Hardiness - Allows one's Nen to take on the properties of a certain object imaginations the limit. Conjuration Intellect - Allows the user to summon an object. It is the only type that is able to materialize objects that normal people can interact with.

Specialization Allure - Any other effect that does not fall under the above mentioned categories. Once you have chosen or have generated your type of Nen, it is important to make note of Affinity. It is most efficient to specialize in the Nen Affinity your character has chosen but for versatility's sake, it is possible to branch out to other types or rather even integrate properties of the other Nen types with your own.

Hunter x hunter rpg game will be discussed later on but for branching out to other types, there is a simple guide to keep in mind in terms of efficacy: Ten - Release and contain Nen around the body 2.

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