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Old schenectady photos


The Sesquicentennial was meant not only to celebrate the anniversary, but as a way to bring the residents of Old schenectady photos closer together. Members of the Brothers of the Brush agreed to grow facial hair, and wear the official badge and derby on official "Sequi-celebration days".

The charter for the Brothers stated that "Members of this organization, being civic-minded boosters of Rotterdam, N. Uncle Bill's Hillbillies were known to walk around Rotterdam carrying either a shotgun or a small pig. Members of the Hillbillies were also known to Old schenectady photos their members up in the stocks as shown in the photo below.

Pigs and dog are unnamed. A funeral procession was organized for the late Mr. Ray Zor who was "made obsolete by the unwillingness of many Rotterdam men to shave. On Monday mornings "Old schenectady photos" has sliced our cheeks and chins and shed our blood, as though for the remission of our sins of the weekend The belles would also go door to door selling commemorative coins and plates, as well as men's ties and bonnets. Both the Sisters of the Belle and Old schenectady photos of Old schenectady photos Brush were subjected to fines for not participating.

Other activities included needlework, crafts, and baking. Turtle Belles Chapter of the Sister of the Belle. Posted by The Librarian at 9: Historic CelebrationsRotterdamSchenectady County. As promised, here are some more images from the Larry Hart news negative collection. Also, a reminder that the Grems-Doolittle Library has been digitizing some of our photo collection and putting the images on the New York Heritage Digital Collections site which you can find here: More photos are added periodically, so check back every once in a while to see what's new.

Scotia's Golden Jubilee was a week long event that featured speakers, parades, fireworks, athletic contests and more to commemorate Scotia's fiftieth anniversary. Two soap box derby racers racing down the track.

Photos: Schenectady development through the...

This great night shot of Schenectady shows some of the old standbys of downtown, including Woolworth's and Wallace's. The Christmas Parade featured this huge inflatable "train". Kids dancing at a block party on Weaver Street in Some acrobatics from a trick rider during a Old schenectady photos. Posted by The Librarian at 2: It always feels nice to finish a large project.

Volunteers Victoria Bohm and Robert J.

Vintage s wgy food products...

Jones digitized almost 5, negatives from this collection in order to make them Old schenectady photos accessible for researchers. The subject matter of the negatives varies widely and there are negatives of accidents, fires, building openings, and demolitions as seen in this previous blog post: As well as images of sports and recreation, construction, farm life, parades, and street scenes all throughout Schenectady County. Construction worker showing his patriotic spirit.

This rather adorable photo was taken in the old headquarters of Schenectady's fire department on State and Veeder. The building was condemned in and razed in The testing of a tank Possibly an M48? This photo was most likely taken at the U. Comment below, or email Mike at librarian schenectadyhistorical. This photo from the s shows a man repairing the clock mechanism. Posted by The Librarian at Old schenectady photos Posts Older Posts Home.

Photo of the Untouchables chapter of the Brothers of the Brush. More photos from the Sesquicentennial. Robert Kennedy addressing a crowd in Schenectady's City Hall. Kids dancing at a block party on Weaver Street in Some acrobatics from a trick rider during a parade.

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