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How to know your hookup a selfish person


You know the one: If he prefers to spend his nights partying till 2am and taking home a bevy of beauties any day of the week, you can bet that he considers you a fun time to have on occasion, but by no means wifey material. These people have know your SO most of their lives if not their entire livesand they likely have a major say in what they do with their lives.

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He wants to show you that he can handle the heat, and that he knows these people mean a lot to you and that their opinion is valuable. Instead of spending his evenings getting to know your little sis or impressing your dad with his own knowledge of military history, a dude who thinks of you as only a fling is more interested in getting together with the guys on a regular basis.

Now, onto today's topic: 11...

He cares about your interests and hobbies, because they give him more insight into who you are as a person. Not only does learning about your interests let him learn about you, but it shows that he cares about you outside of the bedroom.

A fling requires some initial attraction, a true example of judging a book by its cover. In a relationship, however, a guy is more inclined to care about your feelings because how YOU feel affects how HE feels. Your schedule matters to a dude who considers you a fling only in how it affects him. Anything else afterwards is just gravy.

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Going out and getting blitzed together is just another way to keep things casual. Getting it in is why he got into a fling situation in the first place, and while he might be getting it from you regularly, he also might be getting it elsewhere, which is selfish in a whole other way. You care, and so does he. Does she have a long list of exes or is she a serial monogamist? Has she ever been in a casual thing before, or does she only do things exclusively?

These might sound like prying topics, but a guy looking for a fling does care about your past — however, like most things on this list, only in the ways it affects How to know your hookup a selfish person.

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Past relationships can be an indicator for how this fling is likely to go, and if he senses trouble ahead, he may cut his losses and deem you unfit for a fling. You know, the kinds that concern your future as a couple: Are you open to the idea of kids, or are you unable to even stand being around them?

Would you stay in this city forever, or do you want to travel? If you were a fling, this would be the furthest thing from his mind, but when he wants to settle down, he cares about it an awful lot. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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