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Sexual harassment charges oregon


May an employer also be liable for harassment by co-workers? Yes, if the employer knew or should have known of the conduct but failed to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.

A. Sexual harassment is defined...

An employer is liable for harassment by a non-employee if the employer knew or should have known of the conduct, unless the employer took immediate and appropriate corrective action. When evaluating a complaint, the Civil Rights Division considers how much control the employer has over the non-employee.

For example, an employer is considered to have a great deal of control over an individual who is on the premises to fill a vending machine. An employer can call the vending company and request a different service person, can hire an alternate company, or can Sexual harassment charges oregon have the machines removed. Should an employer have a written policy prohibiting sexual harassment? The policy should define sexual harassment and emphatically state that it is not tolerated.

Employers should allow verbal or written complaints, and should provide a grievance procedure that bypasses the immediate supervisor if he or she is the alleged harasser. The policy should also describe the disciplinary actions that may be taken, up to and Sexual harassment charges oregon termination. What is the best way to prevent sexual harassment?

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC Guidelines recommend that employers discuss sexual harassment with employees and express strong disapproval. The employer should develop appropriate sanctions, inform employees of the right to raise complaints and how to raise them, and develop methods to sensitize all concerned.

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