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Interviews can be stressful, especially when your future job is at stake and in the hands of the somewhat mysterious match process. First off, you should know that residency interview spots are precious. A program would not invite you unless they were seriously interested in you and thought you had a chance at matching there. Often the program is trying to recruit you just as much as you are trying to impress them.

Personality traits are more important than board scores.

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The most important characteristics are intangible things such as:. We can see things like leadership experience, grades, volunteer work, and research experience from your application. During the interview we are looking at you as an overall person. Programs want to avoid matching Hookup question tell me about yourself who will later drop out, who will be difficult to work with, who will be high-maintenance and expect special treatment, or who act unprofessionally.

The interview process starts with your first contact with the program. If you are rude to the residency coordinator or require an extraordinary amount of help with scheduling, you can be sure the residency leadership will hear about it.

Do be polite to everyone you meet. Do get any paperwork in on time. Residency involves a lot of paperwork from credentialing to immunization reviews, to completing your charts. Programs may shy away from a resident who has to be emailed personally Hookup question tell me about yourself times to fill out their paperwork or schedule their interview, as it is a red flag for requiring a lot of extra help in the future.

Do take responsibility for your own travel details. Look online to schedule things like airport shuttles and places to stay.

Do not expect the residency coordinator to help you with that. Programs may have lists of residents who are willing to host "Hookup question tell me about yourself" and it is fine to ask for that. But remember, you are interviewing the entire time you are staying with that resident, because any concerning behavior will make it back to the program director.

If you cancel an interview spot, then that is one spot wasted that could have been offered to one of the hundreds of other applicants who were turned down. It is poor form and reflects poorly on you and your school. Give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel.

These are a great time to informally meet with residents and find out more about the program and see if it is a good fit for you. However, they can be dangerous if you are too informal.

If you act inappropriately or unprofessionally at the interview dinner, the leadership team will find out about it. Do ask lots of questions.

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This is important for you, and also will allow you to be more prepared and informed when you go for your formal interviews. Do keep your conversations and language professional. You do not want to risk getting into an argument with one of the residents who may have strong, opposite opinions.

The days can be long and can run together. Do keep up the energy and interest level. It will give you something to remember about the program, and also some ideas for questions to ask of the Hookup question tell me about yourself. You may be eccentric and creative in your dress at home, but for the interview day, you want to fit in when it comes to your attire, and stand out when it comes to your personality. You will likely have 4 or more interviews of minutes each.

How to Answer “Tell Me...

If you can, know who your interviewers are, whether they are the program director, the chair, a "Hookup question tell me about yourself" member, or a resident. That way you can tailor your questions to their role. Do be on time. Smile, have good eye contact, give a firm handshake, and sit up straight. This is an interview, after all. Do be excited to be there. Even if your flight was delayed and you are working on 2 hours of sleep, put your best foot forward and answer with how great your day has been and how excited you are to be there.

You will have days in residency when you are functioning on Hookup question tell me about yourself sleep, and we want to know that you can keep up your energy despite being tired. Do always be honest. If you exaggerate your capabilities, such as saying you are fluent in Spanish, when really you only took a year in high school, you may find yourself caught out if the interviewer is fluent and decides to conduct the interview in Spanish this has happened.

Also, being honest is just the right thing to do.

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Do be excited about your activities and accomplishments. An interviewer will probably ask you about the research, teaching, or volunteer experience that you listed on your application. Be able to speak about it articulately and with excitement. Excitement is contagious… so is boredom. Talk about how much you enjoyed the research project and what you learned from it.

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