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Berlin heart excor fdating


Berlin Heart is your partner during the entire VAD therapy: It is indicated for adults with life-threatening diseases with severe heart failure after all conservative therapeutic options have been exhausted.

Berlin Heart offers a comprehensive service plan for this system. Our Clinical Affairs Team - composed of cardiac surgeons and perfusionists, among others - supports you for the entire duration of VAD therapy: If you have any questions, you can contact our experts at any time via the hour hotline. In order to optimally supply patients, the cannula range includes various types and sizes of cannulae with the following features:. Our blood pumps boast the following features:.

As a high-performing all-rounder, the Ikus covers all areas of application:. The mobilization of young patients is important to their well-being. Berlin heart excor fdating adolescents with a weight starting at approximately 40 to 50 kg, the use of blood pumps starting at 60 ml can be considered.

A battery-supplied Excor driving "Berlin heart excor fdating" can be used with these blood pumps. It allows for free mobility over a space of several hours. Depending on the form of therapy, up to four individual wounds will form around the cannula transcutaneous exit sites and must be cared for, as per antiseptic standards, throughout the entire course of therapy.

The more thorough the wound care, the lower the risk of wound healing disorders. The dressing assists not only with sterile wound closure. It is also used to immobilize the cannulae in the transcutaneous exit site, whereby the wound healing is supported. In addition, the dressing has a strain-relieving effect on the cannulae. This also fosters the healing process. In the earlier postoperative phase, the change of wound dressing is conducted daily.

If healing progresses normally, the interval for changing dressings can be expanded to twice a week. If the appearance of the transcutaneous exit site changes e. During the patient's stay in the hospital, nursing personnel will be in charge of wound care. If the patient is transferred, e. Anticoagulation therapy continues to be a challenge for VAD patients: Coagulation must be managed by Berlin heart excor fdating in such a manner that no deposits are formed in the VAD, and no severe bleeding complications are experienced by the patient.

Anticoagulation therapy is initiated 24 hours after implantation, at the earliest, with administration of heparin. If possible, a Berlin heart excor fdating should be made to oral therapy with vitamin-K-antagonists as early as possible.

The antiaggregation therapy is conducted with a combination of acetylsalicylic acid ASA and Dipyridamole and Clopidogrel, if required. The choice and dosage of medications administered postoperatively is closely monitored.

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The monitoring includes thrombelastography e. The blood circulation is mechanically supported by a VAD. This means that the blood comes into contact with non-biological surfaces such as silicone or metal.

The blood reacts to such contact as it does with an open wound: It coagulates, whereby the artificial surface is covered with a biological one. In order to prevent this, the patient receives a medication-based anticoagulation therapy.

The blood is analyzed at regular intervals in order to control whether the platelet inhibition is effective. This control is conducted several times a day with the aid of a mirror and a flashlight. Berlin heart excor fdating blood-carrying portion of the blood pump can be inspected through the transparent polyurethane housing.

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If small fibrin deposits are observed during the pump control, the anticoagulation therapy is adjusted. If a thrombus-like formation is already present, the blood pump is replaced. The membrane, which alternates continuously between pump filling and pump emptying, can be easily identified through the also-transparent housing for the air side of the blood pump.

It Berlin heart excor fdating possible to tell, based on the membrane movement, whether the drive parameters have been optimally set or whether optimization "Berlin heart excor fdating" necessary. A triple-layer membrane serves to delimit the blood and air sides of the blood pump. The membrane is curved and can be set in motion through alternating pressures. The pressures originate from a driving system and are channeled into the pump via a tube.

If positive pressure is applied on the membrane, it displaces the blood out of the blood chamber and back into the patient's circulation. With a negative pull, the blood pump fills again with blood.

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