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We should perhaps learn the lesson of Darwinism: This truth has dawned on physicists too: One size does not always fit all. Stretching Credibility in Evolutionary Stories Biology, Birds, Mammals, Marine Biology, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Microbiology, Genetics, Humanity, Mind and Brain, Origins, Darwin and Evolution, Early Man, Intelligent Design, Issues, Media, Awards, Dumb Ideas Improbable events happening numerous times; selective extinctions; voodoo phylogenetics — at what point do evolutionary explanations exceed the threshold Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin credibility a trusting public grants to the gurus Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin the culture, scientists?

Getting one central nervous system by an unguided process would seem unlikely enough, but now, without a twinge of shame, Ferris Jabr at New Scientist tells us it happened four times. Jabr relayed, Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin any cross examination, the new idea of an evolutionary biologist at Auburn University, summarizing it thus: Because the new family tree shows that gastropods and cephalopods are not as related as once thought, it can only mean one thing: National Geographic News takes the cake for leaping from amber fuzz to dinosaur feathers: Fossil record gap caulk: Ashamed of those embarrassing systematic gaps in the fossil record, the trade secret of paleontology?

Need to reconcile them with the embarrassing mismatch with molecular phylogenetics? No problem; just selectively massage the Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin in a new model, and everything matches. It may not seem clear to the average reader how this reporter got from here to there: According to the evolutionary timeline, dinosaurs occupied a tremendous range of habitats for tens of millions of years, surviving everything till Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin meteorite hit the Earth.

Even though they came in all sizes and shapes, this meteorite killed off every last one of them, but left a few spare birds and mammals around to repopulate the planet. Readers are offered a mystery story in exchange: She also failed to ask if study leader Dominic Johnson was perhaps a bit overconfident of his own theory.

If you need a laugh, or enjoy getting mad, read evolutionary explanations. They are the most creatively funny but deadly things in the news. No reporter ever questions these stories, either logically, historically, philosophically, evidentially or any other which way; they constantly reinforce a cultural myth, a religion, that is utterly intolerant of intelligent design.

Reporters completely ignored the groundbreaking premieres of the film Metamorphosis that just took place in California, Oklahoma Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin Texas, but have a slobbering love affair with Richard Dawkins NY "Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin"Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin as his veritable publicity agents, and chant their praises to atheists who deign to tell us how religion evolved LA Times.

Pulling the thread that unravels their sweater is "Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin" easy. If hubris evolved, like the last article claimed, then their own hubris also evolved. This short-circuits the evolutionary explanation when you think about it. They are just bragging about evolution because evolution made them do it.

"Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin" they say, therefore, is not true, but pre-programmed nonsense. Nonsense cannot be an explanation; the alternative, therefore, that they are depraved sinners, stands. When a theory explains too much — even opposite things — it really explains nothing. Here are some recent observations offered in support of Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin theory of evolution: Evolutionists debating creationists have pointed to the evolution of antibiotic resistance as an example of evolution occurring right before our eyes.

The idea is that bacteria never encountered modern antibiotics till they were synthesized in the early 20th century, so they must have quickly adapted by natural selection to the new environmental challenge. A paper in Nature just Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin, however, that resistance to antibiotics is ancient.

These discoveries were tempered in all cases by the emergence of resistant microbes.

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This history has been interpreted to mean that antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria is a modern phenomenon; this view is reinforced by the fact that collections of microbes that Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin the antibiotic era are highly susceptible to antibiotics This work firmly establishes that antibiotic resistance genes predate our use of antibiotics and offers the first direct evidence that antibiotic resistance is an ancient, naturally occurring phenomenon widespread in the environment.

This is consistent with the rapid emergence of resistance in the clinic and predicts that new antibiotics will select for pre-existing resistance determinants that have been circulating within the microbial pangenome for millennia.

Rather than falsifying a key argument for evolution, though, this has been taken as further confirmation of it. Endless variation most beautiful: The lab plant Arabidopsis thaliana water cress has been scrutinized every which way.

Now there are genomes for dozens of varieties. Michael Bevan wrote for Nature about what geneticists are learning from comparative genomics. But his words also apply to the genetic variation within species such as the highly adaptable plant Arabidopsis thaliana Fig.

The first analyses of the sequences of multiple Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin of A. These studies provide "Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin" foundation for identifying the factors that shape genome change, and for mapping genome-sequence variation among a wide range of A. But while Bevan and Gan et al. Researchers proudly announced a new robust Tree of Life for mammals. In the body of the article, however, Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin this curious admission: To date divergence times on "Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin" phylogeny of mammalian families, Springer and colleagues Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin a "relaxed molecular clock.

They also Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin age estimates for numerous fossil mammals to calibrate their time tree. But if the calibration is applied to a relaxed clock, it would seem that this is an exercise in circular reasoning: This put them behind an evolutionary roadblock. Bernard Rossier U of Lausanne figured out how they broke through: Rossier said that although it is possible that the genes for ENaC originated in the common ancestor of eukaryotes and were lost in all branches except the Metazoa Bendeguz pofonlinedatingsignin the Excavates, there is another possibility.

There could have been a lateral transfer of genes between N. Either way, evolution explains it, and evolution wins. With this vital piece of their machinery now in place, the first eukaryotic cells that emerged could pump their sodium, maintain fluid balance, and diversify.