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Www internationalcupid com sign up


I am quite aware of scammers and Www internationalcupid com sign up think i know how to spot them. But there are highly organized teams of scammers on this site. Girls individually gathering information on you.

You might give one bit of information to one girl and another bit of information to another girl. That team will then put all that information together on you. They will then begin the scam. They will want your email address or skype or whatsapp, your real name. What you work at and were you live. You will "Www internationalcupid com sign up" you are getting on well with this person. They will video call you and send you pictures. They will make you think that you are getting on really well with them.

They might offer to send you a present, they will then get your address. Through your facebook they will get your family information. Brothers, sisters, parents etc If you send them any provocative pictures they might hold you to ransom by sending those pictures to your job linkedin or facebook.

You might get caught up in a situation where the boyfriend is beating the girl as he found your texts a very popular scam. I only used the website for 3 days. I blocked about scammers yet 3 scammers got through but managed to catch them before the scam could start.

The sign-up process in InternationalCupid...

All 3 were from Brazil. I was lucky enough to protect myself. They were all really charming, funny to talk to, i knew they were scamming but still enjoyed the conversations. I would cut them off just as they started scamming.

I can see how people can easily "Www internationalcupid com sign up" caught out. I would say stay well away, its just not worth it. I used my credit card to pay for my niece to use this dating site, as she lives in Kenya, they wanted me to scan my credit card and proof that i had indeed given her permission, i did all that, the money has been taken from my account, i have not had any response from them one week later.

This is a scam website, do not use it. I want a refund of my money.

Login with Facebook. Not a...

As iam writing this review her account has been suspended, she did not use it at all and they have taken the money. As internationalcupid has the authority to pass on Www internationalcupid com sign up account details to other dating sites. My account was hacked by other parties and money was taken Close to a grand.

My bank is currently investigating the matter So to all the people reading this I just don't want anyone else to fall victim to this greedy scam They suspended my account before I had even finished adding all of my details.

But they haven't just locked me out of my account, I can't even open the website.

Password You can use letters...

I've just received an email saying they want me to scan and send documents to activate my account again. When the account is reactivated they'll no doubt want credit card details. I would have to be insane to do what they are asking. What a waste of my time, I just want my photos back now and to delete what I put on my profile.

Www internationalcupid com sign up say avoid this one I spent hours making profile and even uploaded my ID for proof I am real and verified. Now all my info has disappeared. Waste of time liars. Most profiles are fake and lots are scammers.

Profiles of most ladies of these places are only after your money. At first they talk to you normallythen after 2 or 3 times of chatting, they tell you a miserable story or any made up story of her hard situation or her problem for you to send her moneydo not be fooled no matter what stories they tell you.

If you see a profile with a picture of a very beautiful or sexy girlit is usually a scammer and not her real picture, they just put it to make you fall for her. The tell-tale sign to me that this place is mostly scammers, Www internationalcupid com sign up that I didn't upload a picture, yet get zillions of messages with the subject "You are cute", "Nice Www internationalcupid com sign up Even got a few messages from "Gold" or "Platinum" members that ask for my email address, or give me theirs, in the first or first few messages My guess is that this site, and the other cupidmedia garbage sites, contract out to third-party "marketers" aka professional scammers in suits to put up loads of fake profiles and send out fake messages.

My account not active? I pay for 3 months and only receive service for 4 days? Double charged twice and they never noticed, charged again that was unauthorized and refused to refund money. Paid for 3 months and they charged me again after only 2. I hid my profile and tried to go back later and they blocked me and I had 2 months left already. Site is full of scammers and they don't even try to keep it safe for anybody.

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