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Bj services oklahoma city


Want to know more about BJ Services? What is the interview process like? What is the culture of the workplace? Ask something else about working at BJ Services. Ask a question about working or interviewing at BJ Services.

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Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Found reviews matching the search See all reviews. Great place to work. Ability to advance, education opportunities, and a diverse retirement plan were all available at BJ Services. Stock option plan was the best! Education opportunities and reimbursement for college courses. Was this review helpful? Was a great company to work for. The management was very good and the working conditions were excellent.

The job culture was very friendly and supportive. BJ is in the growing phase and have let Bj services oklahoma city go during Bj services oklahoma city increase in the oil and gas industry.

Something is has to give and upper management will not pass down information about what the company is doing and why we are slowing down while other oil and gas services companies are growing. Productive, fun, learned alot. I love working for this company.

The managers are amazing. It a a fun loving place. You will learn alot. You will get along with the other workers. It's an amazing company.

It's a good place to work I worked at bjs for 2 months now I work at universal pressure pumping for a year I drive to bjs Bj services oklahoma city one way and I just want to work on the drilliing rigs I am a very hard worker and not afraid to work just want to make money and make my bosses happy and I am very reliable and won't let nobody down.

Not a good place to work. Living conditions were the worst. Management could care less about you or your family.

Pay and benefits were ok. All benefits were based on a 40 hour week no overtime included.

B J Services in Oklahoma...

If you are in the good old boys click you will do fine if not look out! Very professional and exciting company to work for. Friendly and courteous in all levels within the company. Professional and energetic environment. Long hours required to meet deadlines sometimes. It used to be a good place to work. This is not the same company it used to be. Very high turnover rate, so getting a job here is decently easy. Work is not really too challenging. The difficult part is trying to stay our of the sights of all the people gunning Bj services oklahoma city you to make themselves look better.

Lots of old BJ employees and other old oil field personnel constantly looking to use you as a stepping stone to move up a little. Even management is constantly trying to backstab other managers to try to get ahead. If you can keep your head down and deal with the parts issues, you can get your job done with minimal fuss.

The E-Tech supervisor is a good guy and tries his best to make the job easier and shield his guys from the nonsense, but he's only one man and there are too many other people trying to make everyone else look bad. Decent overtime at least 10 hours a week and slightly above average pay makes things more bearable, but the difficulty of the job is very low. So for me personally, I will not be staying long as my skills will not grow Bj services oklahoma city. The hardest part of the job is dealing with all the workplace politics.

The most enjoyable part is working with the few good people here. I have learned quite a few things from them and made some connections that will hopefully help me move on to another more suitable position.

Decent pay, plenty of overtime, K vested from day one, another week vacation after only 3 years. Constantly changing schedule, management is pretty clueless save for a few individuals, constant parts supply issues due to mismanagement, advancement Bj services oklahoma city difficult.

Company managed by management from a failed company. First off the equipment is way out of date. Management permotes based off of pre existing relationships.

They hire green employees at hire rates than your well seasoned employees. I had to train techs thAt were higher paid with no experience. Your schedule could be changed at a moments notice.

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Pay checks constantly need correction. When you leave no one takes care of the work load while your gone. Maintenance dept always lose employees for poor treatment. Very good place to work. Work at your on pace. Management is patience, family oriented, and understanding.

Fun place to work. Great place to work if you want to make money and meet some great people, From management to your co workers just great people in general just do your job and help each other out. Management has very poor leadership skills. The company is known for poor equipment. If the crew doesn't like you then it will definitely be a moment of time before they fire you. Baker Hughes was a great stepping stone for Bj services oklahoma city career as a supervisor I leaned form the ground up as far as being a operator and then moving my way up to being a supervisor.

Too ready to lay off during slow periods. New hire orientation supervision, personal safety equipment issuance, site audits, continuation training, customer relations and site inspections and directions. This is an amazing company in which I look forward to going to every day. All of the employees including management and field employees are very professional and respectful.

It's a family like environment. I would have Bj services oklahoma city worked for BJ Services for many years if the business was not closing.

It is unfortunate that they are closing but I enjoyed every moment there. Disorganized and a lot of lies from management. No advancement, in any way shape or Bj services oklahoma city all on the buddy system. No training in a dangerous work environment where things can and do go wrong. Managers get bonuses based off of cost savings, meaning everyone else suffers through issues that should be taken care of.

A complete lack of understanding by management of the equipment making poor decisions with fluid selections causing premature frequent failures to save a buck and end up spending millions.

Hanging the reasoning for lack of advancement on the constant failure of equipment costing millions per month when it really stems from their poor decisions in every department. You will not get paid what you get told you will Management, leadership, lack of training, lack of knowledge, constant lying by management. The money is grat out there the only thing is you work for 2 weeks and you get 1 week off so that good. Company with great potential but promotes from the outside "Bj services oklahoma city" not within.

The company has a great potential to succeed and be a top player in the oil and gas industry but promotion potential is low. BJ Services hires from the outside instead of promoting from within for advanced positions. No room for advancement other than in the field as an operator or specialist. It was a nice place to work.

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