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For years, Spain were the swingers of world football: Truth was, they were so money and they didn't even know it. Then, at Eurocame their epiphany: Now they are hoping to become the eighth side to win the World Cup; and, while the rest of the world is getting in a fearful tiswas about Jabulanis, altitude and strap-ons, Spain are going about their work with an intimidating serenity.

They're not interested in what anyone else is thinking or doing; nor should they be. In short — and to continue the half-arsed Swingers riff that came to Hakan yakin wife sexual dysfunction during my second lunch break and which doesn't really work, if we're honest — our babies are all growns up. Today, against poor old Switzerlandthey should hopefully provide an antidote for the sexless football that has permeated this tournament. If Holland's so-called Total Footballers gave us football art, then Spain are producing footballl erotica, a sensual feast without comparison in the game's history.

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. players

If they were being played in a film, it would be by Catherine Deneuve. England, since you asked, are played by that woman who played Bet Lynch in Corrie. If Spain win this World Cup - and, if we are going to get all pompous about this, every right-thinking person should pray that they do - they may go down as the greatest team of all time. Greater ever than Brazil's clodhoppers.

That was another let down, of course, but I'm sure Spain won't be. If they can't energise this World Cup, we might as well all pack up and go home. Reasons why every right-thinking person should want Spain to win the World Cuppart 1 in a never-ending series. They won 10 out of 10 in qualification, while Switzerland lost at home to Luxembourg on their way to the finals.

Put down that salad leaf, you fat git. Talking Sense, with Mark O'Neil "Whilst it would have been nice to have had a few great games by now and some more goals, It's not time to start writing this world cup off yet. The great World cups are mainly remembered for the knockout stages and I'd rather have the best teams playing averagely at this point and keeping their powder dry than the false dawn of say which started brilliantly before dipping to be the worst tournament since There are some potentially epic knockout games on the Hakan yakin wife sexual dysfunction. I'm already stoked for Argentina v Germany.

Or it could be rubbish all the way through. A World Cup's legacy is approximately one parts group stage, four parts knockout stages, so there's no need to worry yet. Remember, for example, that everyone was doing excitable discharges about after the first week, and it turned out to be a stinker. While we're Hakan yakin wife sexual dysfunction about all things coitalare these the best groupies ever?

Rumours that Robbie Earle sorted them out with tickets are unconfirmed.

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