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Palermo women


My friend and I were in Palermo mid-September. We were only there for 2 hours and her purse was snatched. We didn't think it would happen to us. We pay attention - look around, etc. My friend had small wristlet purse.

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It happened so fast - probably 30 seconds. A guy came out of nowhere and pushed my friend down on the ground. Then a second guy rushed in and grabbed her purse while I was screaming at the guy. As soon as the purse broke off from the strap, they ran. There was a couple behind us but they Palermo women instead of trying to help us or see if we were ok. Luckily there wasn't much in the purse and we were not hurt.

But still, no one wants to experience that. We called the police to the hotel. The police really don't care and didn't even take a report. Apparently the police are sometimes in on it or the thieves Palermo women call the police to let them know where to find the purse minus the cash.

We read this in the "Discovery Sicily " travel book the next day. I recommend "discovery's Sicily book over "eyewitness" for details on everything and anything. Palermo is just like any other big city. Even if the incident did not occur, I still would not recommend Palermo. Stay on the outskirts of Palermo such as Monreale. Also, not much to do "Palermo women" so don't stay more than a day. You want to spend majority of your time Palermo women Taormina. The train system is great and fast.

In a day we Palermo women from Palermo to Agrigento to Taormina.

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Stayed at Belvedere Hotel. Mount Etna was the most incredible experience ever.

Pay the extra money to go to close to top for the hike. You can rent shoes and coats for about 2 euros each. What happened to you and your friend is very, very unfortunate.

It's very understandable that this terrible experience left you with a very negative opinion of Palermobut Palermo is not only worth a visit, it is worth several days.

Then consider the good and hard working people who live and work there as in any other large city like RomeNew Yorkor even Atlanta. Crimes happen the world over! As far as violent street crime is concerned, Italy's largest Palermo women are Palermo women safe compared to LondonParisMoscowand certainly New York and Los Angeles.

Since purse snatchings are commonplace the creative Italians even use motor scooters to ride by as they snatch handbagswomen are advised against carrying large purses, especially in the cities. Though assaults are rare, they do occur, especially in certain parts of Palermo and Catania. An attractive young woman walking around some parts of these cities alone after As Palermo women describe below, many younger Sicilian men entertain a rather unenlightened view of women.

The prevalence of violent street crime shouldn't be exaggerated, though its potential presence is worth a bit of prudence. Organized crime doesn't pose a threat to visitors. Mafia shootings are quite rare; you're far more likely to see one described in the newspaper or on the evening news than to witness one firsthand.

It's not as bad as the movies portray it, but if you're travelling in the large cities, it's like ANY city anywhere in the world. Try not to look TOO much like the tourist. You're safer wandering around with your pack in your hotel room and your valuables in a pocket.

I have to say that my week in Palermo was the only time in all my visits to many parts of Italy that I felt uncomfortable. We my wife and I witnessed a motor scooter snatch on a local lady when she was Palermo women over by the scooter and her bag snatched before Palermo women scooter roared away.

Normally in Italian cities we feel very secure but just felt edgy the whole time we were in Palermo. That is terrible but please don't blame on Latvia.


Unfortunately there are thieves in every country. My Palermo women had his car stolen at the gas station - 5 miles from our house. He had all his Christmas presents in the car on his way to his mother's home. We just got back from Latvia Riga and Jurmala. It was one of the best trips ever. I'm sorry about your car and luggage and I'm sure it "Palermo women" your trip but hopefully you'll go back and love Latvia.

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Be wary of purse snatchers and pickpockets. Sicily can be a bit macho. Typically, areas around train Palermo women are unsavory, and should especially be avoided at night. Theft is an issue! Don't wear expensive jewelry.

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Be sure your bags purse and camera are slung across your body, and only carry a day's worth of cash. Wear a money belt. Be alert and aware of pickpockets, and motorcycle-riding snatch thieves targeting handbags, wallets and mobile phones. Women should not walk alone Palermo women night in the historical center of Palermo and both men and women should avoid the area between Via Roma and the port after dark.

An excellent site to check for women travelers is Journeywoman. This site includes information on safety, dress and etiquette. Best of Sicily tips for women traveling alone There's no cause for paranoia. Just remember one thing: Even at the beach, in a hotel or in other public places, keep in mind that gestures or actions which might not be considered provocative in Canada, the United States, Australia or Northern Europe could be construed this way in Italy.

That's why a Sicilian woman might seem somewhat reserved when she's alone with a man she doesn't know, even in a business situation. We discuss this below. But it's not only a Sicilian thing; a Palermo women of guys in MilanTurin and Rome behave the same Palermo women. During the passeggiata afternoon stroll in larger Southern cities, it's not unusual for undisciplined young men to call out to attractive young women they don't know with remarks like "Bella!

In itself, such practices may seem innocuous, but they do reflect the persistent attitudes of some Italian men accustomed to viewing women as potential sexual conquests rather than social equals. Throughout Italy, sexual harassment is somewhat common in the workplace or at least more so than in the US and the UKand Palermo women men seem to do it more openly than northerners.

You might observe that many Italian women, though well educated, conform to "traditional" roles in society. Some of these things are quite subtle, others less so. Legally, Palermo women course, Italian women have the same rights as men. Socially, that's not always the case. In such an old society, old habits disappear slowly. Lovetotravel, you don't seem to like large cities AthensPalermoso possibly it would be best for you to stay on the outskirts, but it would be an injustice to tell travelers to not visit Palermo!

I really feel bad for what happened to Palermo women friend, but as a New Yorker who has lived on her own in Palermo for the last eight years I find it unfair that you should brush off Palermo as a place where you should only spend a few hours in - considering that, among other things, Palermo was once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, was the place where Italian literature saw the light and was a favorite of European aristocrats when London and Paris were practically unheard of - not to mention its hectares of historical center, the largest in Europeand the fact that it was a city that knew no ethnic or religious conflicts: Again, that's not to say that Palermo is a safe haven, but things Palermo women that happen anywhere in the world at any given moment to tourists or not.

Though I completely agree with your opnion about Etna, I can't say the same for Taormina - lovely as it is, it's "Palermo women" big tourist trap that gives you no feel of authentic Sicilian living.

We live in Singapore, a city where anyone man, woman, child can be out anywhere at any time of night and be perfectly safe We were therefore expecting to be a little shocked by Palermo and were accordingly on our guard.

In the end, we found it nowhere "Palermo women" worrying as we had expected. I also heartily disagree with all lovetotravel's views on Palermo, probably because we are clearly quite different in terms of our "exploring interests" - we eliminated Taormina from our list of places to visit very early on in our research.

But vive la difference! Although it is unfortunate what happened to you, it believe it is very short sighted to blow off Palermo as a city to visit or to stay in. Palermo is an amazing city: Palermo women is definitely worth spending at least 2 days there!

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Most defenitely visit the old markets, great atmosphere! Taormina is pretty for a visit, but it is definitely a tourist trap!

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