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Captain barefoot corfu


The island has had a surge of popularity as a result of the book and film of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". Ernle Bradford's Guide to the Greek Islands talks about an idyllic beach with orange sand. Other guides mention long, lonely stretches and 3 kilometre runs of sand. Wonderful island; plenty of opportunities for nude swimming as too many Captain barefoot corfu proving.

Only at Myrtos Captain barefoot corfu was unable to strip off late June If you like a nude beach with many bathers, Lourdas and Mouda are perfect for you! This review starts in the south of the island at Skala and proceeds clockwise round the coast. See on Google maps. Spithi has for many years boasted an unofficial but de facto naturist beach a short walk from the main Skala town, screened by rocks from the main beach.

Captain Barefoot's Guide to Greek...

Earlier attempts to close it down seem to have been abandoned in favour of common sense. Unfortunately this naturist beach is no longer easily accessible from Skala, the only way round the headland to the beach is to Captain barefoot corfu but alternative routes are available see recent report for September This is the main beach for the town with sand, sun loungers and pedalos.

There are cafes and tavernas behind the beach. You need to pass the rocks, in some places you have to go into the 0. The naturist beach is beyond these rocks. This long beach is in "Captain barefoot corfu" extreme south of Kefalonia.

The sand is delightful and, like the water, clean. The waves are slight as the beach doesn't shelve at all steeply. Continuing westwards towards another headland the beach becomes a little shingly but is Captain barefoot corfu naturist.

All the sand is now gone from the end of the road, the waves have dug under the road and dropped some tamarisks, there are only a few places to put his towel for some naturists. Fairly easy Captain barefoot corfu if you follow Patrick's suggestion tab.

There is another way down further northeast which we saw people using map but this is probably from the villa. We were the only naturist couple Sunday morning with 3 textile families but well spread out so wasn't a problem. Plenty of room left. We visited Spithi beach in late September.

In August when we last had a holiday in Kefalonia it was accessible from Skala either by a moderately easy climb over the large rocks or by wading around them.

There have been some further rockfalls since then which have made climbing over the rocks difficult. Waves and tide have caused much erosion and scoured away the sand and pebbles that once surrounded the rocks.

Wading round from Skala is no longer possible but confident swimmers no doubt could manage it. Thanks to Patrick at Kefalonia Naturist Villas for providing advice on this route. It Captain barefoot corfu also possible to walk along the shoreline from Mouda, a distance of about metres 0.

The route is not too Captain barefoot corfu although it does entail climbing over some small rocks and, near Cape Mouda for a short distance, the route is little more than a few footholds and a narrow ledge cut into steeply sloping sandstone. Coastal erosion and rockfalls have somewhat changed the beach since we were there in Some sand has been lost from the beach and there is now a lot more seaweed on it that may change with seasonal weather conditions.

As the saying goes "it's an ill wind" and the advantage of these changes is that the beach is now more secluded and perhaps even better for naturism.

Thanks to [Andrea] on the...

Separated by rocks, there are three longish stretches of gritty sand, some patches of soft sand and small pebbles which slope gently to the waterline. Beyond the waterline the seabed is mostly gradually shelving soft Captain barefoot corfu. Very easy to enter the water and when we visited it was beautifully warm and clear.

In May we made three attempts to reach Spithi beach. It Captain barefoot corfu frustrating because it is only about a quarter-mile from the southern end of Skala beach. Apparently it used to be possible to carry on walking along the beach to get there but now it is impossible without being either a good swimmer or a rock climber.

Not daunted we attempted to reach it from inland, walking around 2 miles on winding farm tracks to reach the cliff edge overlooking the beach. Not easy as private properties border the edge but we found a deserted club called "Cosmo" at the back of which some steps seemed to lead down to the Captain barefoot corfu. However the steps had collapsed and this access had been blocked by a strand of barbed wire.

I could see from here that there was no-one on the beach. The next day we walked the 3 miles to Potomakia beach, a half-mile weedy stretch with three nudists. At the far headland Spithia was frustratingly visibly close but again impossible to reach due to the ruggedness of the cliff edge.

Captain Barefoot's Guide to Greek...

A boat seems to be the only option for access now. The sand continues to disappear making it more and more difficult to access the naturist beach. The naturists now use the space before the big rocks except in August, when the quiet surroundings disappear. Access to this beach has become almost impossible due to the movement of sand from the beach.

There are no beaches between the rocks and walking to the main beach you need to wade up to your waist in water to get to the beach. This has dramatically decreased the number of people using this beach. Naturism is not a problem on the beach during last few years. The atmosphere is very friendly. A long time visitor to Skala and user of the naturist beach beyond the rocks trusts that the following report from Captain barefoot corfu is of interest: There has been no major rock fall that has wiped out the beach.

The current situation is erosion of the beach over the last few years has meant the southern end of Skala beach around the rocks no longer exists. Beyond the rocks a small section of beach has survived but the sea now reaches the cliff face along the majority of the original beach.

There are two local opinions on the reasons for this change: Only time will tell which of the above is correct but if you go back far enough over 20 years it has happened before but not as severely. The small beach left beyond the rocks is still sometimes naturist, the main access being to wade up to chest deep or a swim through the sea, a fair distance. Currently could not Captain barefoot corfu any, bearing in mind Captain barefoot corfu erosion, doubt they have survived.

It was only for 2 or 3 years that naturism was frowned on, driven by a certain local, since it has not been a problem as long as you used the beach "Captain barefoot corfu" the rocks.

The Captain has received some reports saying that the "no nudism" signs have been removed, others saying that they are either still there or have been replaced. Barefooters who visited in May have told me that the "no nudism" signs have been moved up the beach towards Mounda Bay and Captain barefoot corfu Skala was being well used for naturism. The beach has also been cleaned up considerably.

Several similar reports come in from Junewith typically couples using the beach. More recent reports posted on the Barefoot Forum lead the Captain to understand that there have been more frequent police raids and other unpleasantness. Although the Captain has also received a number of reports including some from July according to which as many as 15 or 20 naturist couples have continued to use the beach around the headland from the main Skala beach without incident.

The Captain himself visited Skala in July and thought it an absolutely gorgeous naturist beach. Captain barefoot corfu from the walk, naturists had the best portion of this lovely beach. East of Katelios at the level of Ratzakli, are Kaminia and Potomakia which are collectively known as Mouda.

As reported above there is a rocky outcrop south of Skala at Cape Mouda where naturists congregate and it is possible to scramble from Katelios to Skala along the beach.

It is also accessible a short drive from Skala: Take the road out towards Argostoli and after a short while, there is a sign for Mounda Captain barefoot corfu on the left. Follow this past the Mounda Beach Hotel and then, just past the Marina Bay Hotel, park wherever you can and walk along the beach to the left. Eventually, 5 minutes or so you will have left the textiles far enough behind to disrobe.

Barefooters who visited in July followed signs for the beach off the Ratzakli to Scala road. Plenty of space to park. Sunbeds were immediately in front, and were often busy, but they headed south leftkeeping the sea on their right and headed toward the very southern tip of the Island.

After about metres the beach was fairly clear, and was generally only ever visited by other naturists.

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