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Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction


Thank you for another great blog.

I love the last favorite line. Can you clarify if the CoC also preaches on what color underwear a woman can wear? I remember I was only allowed to wear white or nude. I understand there are rules about thong underwear not being allowed I was told not to wear thongs because they were too suggestive or whatever the word choice of the day was What is hard to be understood is that whatever we do we do it for a specific reason.

What is the reason to wear thongs, certain under clothing, certain regular clothing, and certain jewelry? A lot of is this for the reason to draw attention to ourselves and some of it with a sexual draw. If Christianity is to humble ourselves and our lives are to be for God. When we dress ourselves to draw attention to ourselves we are taking away from God. Also, it Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction good not to be a stumbling stone for anybody, especially towards the opposite sex in the church.

COCchild Lynn - No matter what human reasoning one uses to teach rules like this, they are "teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" because they are certainly not God's rules. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a married Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction wearing intimate clothing that would appeal to her husband sexually. As for ankle bracelets, or painted toenails, for that matter, I personally think they're classy and pretty.

My wife and teen girls wear them on rare occasion, and I love it. Why in the world do we accept one person's sense of style and appropriateness? These things draw no more attention to themselves than painted fingernails, earrings, a long necklace and pendant. Why are those things appropriate pieces of jewelry for the ladies to compliment each other on when they get to church or see each other in other places, but an ankle bracelet is somehow over the line?

Who made the line? That's my point here.

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Parents do have the right to make judgment calls for their kids on things like this. The church has no Biblical right to do it for the flock. Lynn, I'm with you. I did a study on this and God's mind is very clear in the matter of mind and the clothing we wear. We live in a society now that is so unclear concerning the lines of purity that even fornication is not a sin.

Kevin, why is council considered by you as commandments of man? First of all, not to be nitpicky but the word is counsel, not council. Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction council is a gathering of people convened for some particular purpose. A May Meeting is essentially a council. Counsel, on the other Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction, is advice that is offered from one person to another.

I don't say this to be nitpicky, but because Stanton has changed the meanings of words, and until we go back to their proper meanings, we'll continually misunderstand each other. Giving someone counsel is not a commandment of men if it is truly just advice to be taken or left according to the person's conscience. What makes counsel go from advice to "commandments of men" is the strict adherence expected from teachers for people to "take counsel" and if they don't, they are considered out of line.

That is oppression--it is placing the conscience of the teacher in authority over the conscience of the one receiving the "advice. However, we do not have the right to enforce our opinion of where that line is, for instance with regard to an ankle bracelet, thereby overruling that person's ability to let their own conscience be their guide.

How would that be any different from the Pharisees enforcing their own "doctrines and commandments Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction men? I can't understand why someone would claim to know God's mind.

That just paves the way for a circular argument. No one on this blog is comparing the culture or society we live in and claiming they have it "right". If that is the basis for your reasoning then you could take any single thing you want and say, the society we live in does xyz, thats why we are right because we don't. We need to take what the bible says and trust the Holy Spirit to speak to each of us as indivuduals concerning sin.

Kevin, when I read comments like these about the rules and who should do what and why not do it this way or that way it really makes me think these people don't trust the POWER of the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of His people. Sanctification is a process that takes an entire lifetime. We cannot compare our own personal life and ups and downs and sin and forgiveness with those around us and somehow put others down because they aren't "on the same page" as us.

Who cares if a woman is wearing a thong?! What are her intentions? You don't know and neither do I. If her intentions are wrong then please, trust the Holy Spirit to work in her life and convict her of sin.

If she truly is a believer there will be fruit and she will change. Since this topic seems to mostly pertain to women, let's look at it from the other side. Men, when Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction watch movies, do you watch movies that have women dressed in a totally pure way? When you see a woman walking down the street who is not dressed in a pure way, do you avert your eyes the other way intentionally?

Purity is not just how someone dresses, therefore mostly falling on the woman.

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Purity is so much more than that Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction let's not forget it goes both ways. Judging the heart based on outward rules and regulations is exactly what the Pharisees were guilty of. It's impossible to truly codify all sin because even something good can become sin if it's done with the wrong heart.

There may be no way to know if it's truly sin without knowing the heart, and that's something only God can know. Maybe if these men looked at women like God does, with purity and love and not lust they wouldn't ever notice an ankle bracelet as something that causes them to lust.

Then maybe they'd see that an ankle bracelet is simply something some women find fun to wear instead. Praye tintin wife sexual dysfunction Kevin as usual for having logical things to say. If you don't know the reason why you wear thongs under clothing is so you don't have those ghastly underwear lines that draw even more attention to your rear when it's split in 4.

And who's business is it anyway what kind of underwear you wear?? I'ts not like we are parading around in nothing but our underwear. I mean really, do you think that God is judging us because of the type of undewear we are, nail polish, jewelry, or any of those types of trivial matters?

I mean I feel silly even continuing this conversation, but I couldn't help myself. If these men are so godly then they should be able to gird up their minds without making kids feel weird and bad about everything.

How about lets teach our kids about God's love and mercy instead of the perversion that the world is all about.

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