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Radar magazine sexual harassment


Radar Radio is at the centre of further allegations made by another ex member of staff. The online radio station was accused of "organisational racism" in a powerful statement by Pxssy Palace, who brought their stint at Radar to an end earlier this month.

Here's why' alleges that not...

The station released a short statement in Radar magazine sexual harassment to this, but now former producer Ashtart Al-Hurra has gone public with her experiences. I was one of those women of colour staff. While working at Radar, I was sexually harassed, like, fucking tonnes, by dickhead dj dudes. Not only did I have to recount what happened, I also had to go through who had harassed me and what they had done again.

This process took place through a series of meetings at Radar, where they spoke to me, then spoke to the manager who had made me uncomfortable, then had a meeting with both of us to reconcile the issue.

The full blog post is worth reading, and you can find it HERE. After 3 years at Radar I'll no longer be a part of the station.

Solidarity to all those who've experienced harassment of any kind in the music biz. I don't normally do serious tweets, but in light of recent news regarding Radar, I will no longer be continuing my show on the station.

Radar Radio has announced they'll...

Due to the news that has come to light today regarding Radar Radio, I have decided to leave the station. Ive decided to stop my show on Radar Radio.

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